Goofy “Holiday Heroes” campaign from Radio Shack has super personality.

December 15, 2010

The Shack wraps on Christmas

My opinion, the best TV holiday ad campaign (linked below) this year is for Radio Shack, by Butler Shine Stern & Partners. The idea is simple. Giving the right gifts can make you a superhero. My favorite executions depict various Christmas morning scenarios, whereby gift givers are transformed into mostly ridiculous super heroes, from a transformer-like robot to a flexing wolf boy. The family dog setting the Yule log ablaze via laser eyes is one of many comedic high points.

It’s not the strategy that impresses; we’ve seen it before, many times. For me it’s the execution of these spots that I appreciate. Like the DirecTV NFL Ticket campaign from Deutsch, the work achieves perfection via simple vignettes, attention to detail, good music and winning characters.

Inspired by popular films like Kickass and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, the superheroes are, as said, ridiculous. They are low on muscles but high on charm. They are laughable caricatures, which makes them and the spots loveable and not just for young hipsters but everyone. No easy feat. Being all-inclusive and funny is almost an oxymoron in today’s bifurcated pop culture. Old and young, gay or straight, minorities; everyone can appreciate these silly personalities.

Better yet, the scheme totally fits the brand image Radio Shack is trying to convey: a simple, small & fun electronics store. Competing with big box retailers like Best Buy and Walmart (let alone Amazon, ABT and others) has to be brutal. Frankly, I’m surprised Radio Shack is still around at all. But I’m glad they are. Not only is the creative entertaining, it also leads me to believe Radio Shack is a viable alternative to the crowded, chaotic and complicated experience of buying electronics anywhere else. Nice job.

View the Radio Shack campaign, courtesy of Adfreak.


5 Responses to “Goofy “Holiday Heroes” campaign from Radio Shack has super personality.”

  1. SRP said

    And here’s a nice ditty that’s digital: “Bells for Bikes.”

    • I really like the “Bells for Bikes” but I feel like it would have been better if it had less production value. I feel like it would seem more impressive and have a longer viral life if it was just a youtube video and featured people doing the songs on a drive way somewhere. As if they all had to much time on the weekend and figured out how to play songs with the bells on their bikes. It would lessen the branding of Schwinn but would become something cool I would want to share with others.

  2. jim schmidt said

    You left off the nice Acura spots from your dad’s place. Very well done.

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