“Database cluster issues” with Tumblr mean a more personal Postaer post for you!

December 6, 2010

Postaer Men (L-R): Me, Jeremy, Daniel, Jasper, Larry, Jack

My original post was about a new blog that I want you all to experience. Unfortunately, Tumblr hosts the blog and is currently beset by “an issue in one of their database clusters.” It’s been down for 36 hours and counting. Serves them right for playing outside without a sweater! Anyway, I’m not going to pimp a new blog while it’s inaccessible.

So, I’m running an audible. First, by updating my “novel slash social media experiment,” Sweet by Design. About 90 pages remain to be published. I’m trying to speed up the text conversion but the cover design contest will be open until it’s completed. That means you still have time to win the Ipad. You can also vote for your favorite covers so far, by viewing and commenting right here.

At top, I posted a unique photograph comprising four generations of Postaer men. Taken this Thanksgiving, it’s the first one like it and likely to be the only one like it. Grandpa Jack is 97 years old. A Chicago cab driver, shop owner and hardcore sports fan, Jack Postaer gives us all inspiration. Also in the photograph is my father, Larry Postaer (Founder, RPA), brother Jeremy (ECD, JWT), brother Daniel (Director, DMG Media) and nephew Jasper, 4 years old. Besides the advertising that runs in our family, it’s pretty cool having four generations breathing air, let alone in the same area code!

My girls are not in this photo because they’re girls. (It was a guy thing.) But here’s a favorite photo of them taken last summer. Safe to say they do not look like the men. Thank God.

Colette, Camille & Lily

Assuming Tumblr corrects their “data cluster issues” my next post is a doozy. Until then, from my family to yours: Happy Holidays!


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