Nothing shows off the Internet’s promise like a big, fat goldfish.

November 12, 2010

We’re gonna need a bigger bowl!

“Angler Raphael Biagini got the surprise of his life when he landed this gigantic koi carp on a fishing trip to France. At 30lb it’s thought to be the largest of its kind ever caught in the wild. It took Raphael Biagini ten minutes to reel the creature out of a lake in the south of France – moments after fellow anglers told him they had spent six years trying to snare the legendary ‘giant goldfish’.” –Daily Mail, U.K. World News

Raphael and his golden prize have been shared all over the world, becoming one of those things that cause everyone to stop and say: Holy crap. Would you look at that!

Including me. I’m an avid fisherman as well as an aquarist so they had me at giant goldfish. But even if I wasn’t a fish guy, I’d still be amazed. That’s why I’m posting it here, for no other reason than to get you to smile and to marvel at the world we live in.

Isn’t that the promise of the Internet: delivering our world? Sometimes we (myself included) forget that. For example, of the 500 or so people I follow on Twitter, most of whom are active, most of their posts are always about business, usually attaching a link to some new story about new media. That’s great. That’s why I follow them. But sometimes it’s overkill. How many “Top Ten Reasons agencies fail at Social Media” stories do we need to write and read and share?

Sometimes you just want to see a 30-pound goldfish.


6 Responses to “Nothing shows off the Internet’s promise like a big, fat goldfish.”

  1. Tad DeWree said

    You beat me to it. Had the very same thought.

  2. Is it real ?
    that’s a huge goldfish !

  3. tess said

    that can not be real… is it?

  4. tess said

    that is just huge!!!!!

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