Once again, CP&B defies conventional wisdom by putting creativity at the helm.

November 1, 2010

Vote for Pedro!

You gotta love the latest play call by Crispin Porter & Bogusky. Last week, the famously infamous fame factory otherwise known as CP&B named its new CEO: a creative guy, no, the creative guy, he of the bushy hair, Andrew Keller.

Of course they did. CP&B has always been an agency that shoots first and asks questions later. It’s what we love about them. It’s what we hate about them. It’s so them. Keller’s promotion is a perfect example.

That the man is an outstanding creative is beyond debate. His resume is ridiculous. Giving him Alex’s beanbag chair would have been a no-brainer. He’s probably been doing the job for a couple years anyway. But making him CEO is sublime. Not only is it insanely attention grabbing but in the Bizarro World of Crispin it makes complete non-sense. If anyone ever doubted the inmates were running the asylum up in Boulder now it’s been codified. By his own admission, Keller says the unwritten motto at his agency is “We Never Learn.” Indeed. Crispin’s brand of creativity doesn’t ask for permission. Hell, it doesn’t even ask for forgiveness. Again, this is why any creative worth his bones loves/hates these guys. The ID rules.

It wasn’t long ago under even greater fanfare that CP&B’s most famous employee Alex Bogusky resigned. If the agency slipped it merely fell forward. Again.

Kudos to Chuck Porter and Miles Nadal for allowing such a move. (Is “allowing” even the right word?) And cheers to Alex for having cultivated such a place where something like this could happen. And, finally, congratulations to Andrew for never learning how to be CEO.

From Adweek, an interview with Andrew Keller: Keller promotion


3 Responses to “Once again, CP&B defies conventional wisdom by putting creativity at the helm.”

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  2. SRP said

    Well, well, well… the “Morning Stir” on Agency Spy. Even writing about CP&B draws heat!

  3. brian said

    I love seeing as talented as Andrew at the helm. This is a great decision.

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