9 Responses to “Gap logo fiasco gives folks in Adland fits, but what do we think of our own logos?”

  1. librarian anne said

    Of all the agency logos Y&R is the worst. Looks like something from an old diner….and C-K looks like a cattle brand.

  2. I feel guilty when I look at my logo for my favicon, because I stole it.:/ -Mike PS Or borrowed. That is better:)

  3. tracy said

    We love ours (Adverteria… http://adverteria.com) but know people have a hard time pronouncing our name. Witness a recent debacle when we, as one of several sponsors of a local event, had a VIP from a major insurance company mangle our name on stage. On the agency side of the fence, I know what I’d tell a client…but, on the opposite side, I’m resistant.

    Physician, heal thyself, eh?

  4. Teresa Jay said

    You wanna know why agencies tend to have such queasy logos? Like the carpenter’s wife, the carpenter won’t address the situation until there’s an emergency. Most are either created at the last minute because there’s a pitch and we’re open for business and we’ve got no stationary or, they’re group-thought ad-nausea for years until…omg we’ve got a pitch and we’re open for business and we’ve got no stationary.

  5. SRP said

    Ten or so years ago (to compete with new & emerging media?), logos and identity work started getting, for lack of a better word, jiggy. Look at LBCO’s example in the above post. Frankly. I miss the badass straight-on type logos and business cards.

    • Teresa Jay said

      You’re right. I miss them too. The old logos were more sophisticated. But they had typefaces with tiny little serifs and thin details that didn’t project well, and they had aspect ratios that didn’t fit where they were supposed to on the computer screen. I don’t think they were changed to be more ‘jiggy’. I think, like so many other logos, their energy and personalities were smoothed out to make them more suitable for interactive use. I guess if you can’t be sophisticated then jiggy is better than invisible. Time was, a brand identity designer created more than one version of a logo to be used in different mediums. Why go to the trouble anymore? Just make the minimalist one that works on the web. Sometimes, the medium is more important than the message.

  6. Nice article, and thanks for the shout-out! The JWT logo doesn’t look as bad on their website but that particular execution you posted is pretty barfy. I kind of like the Ogilvy one, but the Leo Burnett logo is pretty WTF.

  7. SRP said

    More on the subject from Havas Digital in AdAge:

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