Funny: 31 Irony: 0. New TV ads for DirecTV Sunday NFL Ticket score big.

August 4, 2010

-Packers vs. San Francisco

-New England vs. Miami

“Bob’s a little P-O’d,” says the Green Bay Packer loving mama to the family priest, commiserating over coffee. While they chat about the new neighbors from “San Fran” Bob covertly delivers them a green and gold party platter. The cubes of salami and cheese spell “Dirt Bag.”

Another spot takes place on the “hallowed ground” of working class New England, “Foxboro.” Guys are shoveling snow when their new neighbor from Miami pulls up in his cute white car. They sneer at his obvious affiliation to the Dolphins. Throw snow at his doorstep. In a nightgown, someone’s mother opens her window and calls him a “Moron!”

The rest of the campaign is more of the same. Diehard fans hating other diehard fans encroaching on their territory. It’s blue collar. It’s stereotypical. It’s all American.

So, why do I love this campaign for DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket? Because it’s a simple, fun idea executed with gusto. There’s no jaded irony. No disenchanted slackers. Just a bunch of great characters having a good time being mean. Watching these commercials from Deutsch makes me think of the now-classic comedies of John Hughes, who, by the way, once wrote copy at Leo Burnett. There’s a bit of Joe Sedelmaier (“Where’s the beef?”) in them as well. The casting. Those funny faces. Yep, these are old-school commercials, kicked through the uprights. And I find it damn refreshing.

The film is bright and vivid, not washed out. There are no fancy cuts or special effects. Every detail has been thought through and brings a smile. Take the green and gold coffee set in the Packer’s commercial. The stylist and art director must have had a blast. Sure, the dialogue is corny. It’s supposed to be.

Directed by Harold Einstein at Station Film, the spots work. The first time and the time after that. Like “Planes, Trains and Automobiles” I could watch them over and over again. Clever commercials don’t get better with age. Funny ones do.

Of the half dozen comments these spots drew on Agency Spy, only one was in favor of them. And even that one may have been sarcastic! Well, sarcasm has carried our industry far enough. On both sides of the camera. As fodder for brands it’s bankrupt. After years of Mumblecore or indie-rock infused art pieces, finally an ad campaign that works a tried and true formula to perfection.

(My only quip: I’m wondering if the Packer Mom’s nasal twang sounds more like a Vikings fan than a Packer backer, don’t you know?)

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5 Responses to “Funny: 31 Irony: 0. New TV ads for DirecTV Sunday NFL Ticket score big.”

  1. jim schmidt said

    fun spots directed by a very funny guy. and they are reminiscent of j hughes-good casting and simple humor.

  2. sonia said

    where and when can I view the other six spots?

  3. […] praised this client’s creative before. Albeit from another agency, Deutsch delivered some pretty fantastic work for DirecTV NFL Sunday […]

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