My new novel and a novel way to introduce it. (Plus, win an Ipad!)

July 26, 2010

The book’s cover…for now.

Well folks, I’ve written a third novel: a quirky, romantic comedy (!) entitled Sweet by Design. Actually, I wrote the first draft several years ago, during the lengthy process of publishing and marketing my previous books, The Happy Soul Industry and The Last Generation.

Getting Happy Soul in your hands was an ordeal, fraught with rewrites, rejection and waiting. Lots of waiting. During that time, writing a third novel became marvelous therapy for me as well as a way to keep energized and productive. A writer writes. Besides, I quit drinking a long time ago!

And so it was the advertising agency by day and Sweet by Design at night. Once I completed the story, a third party had me rewrite it. Then I had it edited. It’s done. But rather than begin the above process (queries, waiting, rejection, repeat) I’m doing things differently this time. Very differently.

Never easy, getting published in conventional fashion is extraordinarily difficult now. Unless you’re a known commodity it’s damn hard finding a publisher (let alone an agent) who wants fiction. However, the Internet has afforded lesser known scribes untold new avenues in which to see their work published. Social networks are not only able to spread the word about a book but they can be the books as well.

Part vanity project, part social media experiment, and mostly a shot in the dark, I’m releasing Sweet by Design via blog. In addition, I’m asking my friends in Ad Land and the art community to come up with its cover. Yep, crowd sourcing. The designs will be posted in a gallery along side the story. Visitors will be able to read the novel in small, easily digestible pieces while at the same time consider the cover possibilities. You may comment on both the story as well as the artwork. When the book is completed, a cover will be chosen and it’s creator will receive an Ipad and carrying case. Runner up gets an Ipod Shuffle.. All design contributors will receive signed copies of the book when it’s published.

Yours for a design…

How it works and details about the novel, including its first pages, can be found on the link below. Check it out. Do me the honor of book-marking it.

Sweet by Design may not be literature but I promise you it’s not boring. Nor is it anything you might expect. First of all, the protagonist is gay and I wrote him in the first person! Secondly, for added embellishment the story uses numerous pictures and links. Hopefully, you’ll have as much fun reading Sweet by Design as I did writing it. If not, let me know, because that’s part of the experiment.

Obviously, I’d love your support. Any tweeting or blogging about the book would be greatly appreciated. If you have ideas on how the project can be improved please share those with me as well. I will do what I can to return the favor. Even if you find the novel wanting I want the site to succeed, or at least serve as an excellent learning experience.

You’ve supported me on Gods of Advertising and on The Rogues Gallery. Maybe you’ve even read my novels. Won’t you at least meet Jeffrey Sweet and his consorts? Those of you with design acumen, please provide me a cover. If you have doubts or insecurities about your art, get over them. I did!

Please visit Sweet by Design for the story, synopsis and contest rules. And follow me on Twitter, where I’ll be announcing new chapters and other related information.

As always, thank you for your readership and support.


3 Responses to “My new novel and a novel way to introduce it. (Plus, win an Ipad!)”

  1. Jeffrey Sweet said

    Do I get royalties?

  2. SRP said


    Trust me; I won’t even get royalties!
    PS: The same thing happened in my last novel.

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