Saying goodbye to my good friend and creative partner, Blake Ebel.

July 23, 2010

Blake Ebel and me at the World Series in 2005

He gone…

As some of you may now know, my creative partner and co-chief creative officer of our agency, Blake Ebel has taken a new job at Factory Design Labs in Denver. He will be their chief creative officer. Out of respect for him, my company and clients that won’t be the subject of this post. Suffice it to say, Blake and I had almost six years of history together, some of it hard, all of it rewarding. During that period we became good friends. Personally and professionally, he will be missed. I wish him great success and have little doubt he will achieve it.

Obviously, his departure created a distraction. Yet, I will be back with a new blog post. And soon. In it, I plan on introducing a personal project, which I fully hope some of you participate in. Until then, may the Gods of Advertising shine upon you and God Himself remain by your side. In the end, He’s all you’ve got.

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One Response to “Saying goodbye to my good friend and creative partner, Blake Ebel.”

  1. brian said

    I had the great pleasure to meet Blake at a Creativity Symposium. He was a featured speaker. I found him to be both talented and selfless – a rare combination in our industry.

    Several months later, I had dinner with Blake and we shared secrets to winning new business. He was extremely helpful, candid and forthcoming.

    I wish Blake the best at Factory Design. They are lucky to have him.


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