My new Ipad in undeniably cool but I’m not addicted to it…yet.

May 28, 2010

God damn the pusher man!

The good people from the Outdoor Advertising Association of America gave me an Ipad for hosting the Obie awards a few weeks ago. Thank you so much, OAAA. I got mine just as our agency was debating how to parse the two it had purchased for lending out. Many were eager to sign for those. I was tickled by not having to borrow one.

Perhaps not as heralded as the Iphone or Ipod before it, Apple’s Ipad is, without question the new, new thing. Clearly, Apple has done it again. Their track record would be unbelievable if not for their track record. To paraphrase Jack Nicholson’s Joker: “How do they make those wonderful toys?”

When I pull the device out from my briefcase my young daughters cease to see their father anymore. In his place is an Ipad being held by someone. Not for long, however. My girls abscond the Ipad and refuse to give it back, let alone share it with each other. I am only able to retrieve it when they succumb to sleep. My children’s reaction proves how mighty the Apple brand is. I have never seen my daughters more excited. Ever. And bare in mind I have seen them on Christmas and Easter mornings.

With its vivid, black screen and iconic silver casing, we are attracted to Ipad out of the box. The tension between coveting one and sharing one is like having good drugs. I want to share the high with those around me but I don’t want to give up my stash. Something like that, anyway. Let’s just say it’s powerful. I’ve seen the effect it has on my kids. I’ve seen it with my peers as well. Even the tech savvy people attending my Hyper Island Master Class in digital training were enamored of the device. From digital neophyte to social media guru, everyone seems to possess strong affinity for Ipad.

Except me! That’s right. I’m not addicted to my Ipad. For instance, I just took it on a business trip but only used it once and that was to show it off. I’m not a hater. Far from it. I’m just saying I’m not hooked. Which is weird, given my addictive personality and the passion I have for Apple products in general. Give it time, right?

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2 Responses to “My new Ipad in undeniably cool but I’m not addicted to it…yet.”

  1. Steve Jobs said

    Dear Sir:

    Your comments were forwarded to regarding my revolutionary ipad.

    Clearly the ivory towers of your global agency offer human versions of many of my important apps.

    For the rest of America, a two pound 10 inch wireless web viewer, email device, powerPoint presenter…with one click access to your accounting program, invoicing, and every other imaginable business and entertainment function–is a pretty amazing thing.

    Oh, did I mention that I include virtually every song, movie and book on earth and even offer Stanford courses on programing and profiting from it –for free?

    What do you want from me, Buddy? I’ve given you landmark commercials, design that is high art, and brought the cost of commercial editing within reach of everybody.

    Maybe you’re right. It just takes a little time to appreciate it.

    By the way, we’re adding time travel and the ability to change lead into gold in version 2.0.

    Peace put!

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