One Response to “Chevy account hauls ass from Publicis to Goodby. My reaction from AdAge.”

  1. Tad DeWree said

    I learned a very valuable lesson the second year after starting my first agency.

    After a highly successful turnaround of a casual dining/fast food chain (-25% YTD to +25% in les than six months) we were introduced to “A New CMO”.

    We worked 24/7 for two months only to have the “New CMO” try to walk with the business AND 200K in bills. We settled at 10¢ n the dollar. The “New CMO” (quotes for irony only) managed to hire her ex-husband, crash the brand, and less than a year later–get fired.

    My policy since then has been to have a letter of resignation and a letter of introduction at the first meeting of a new Client lead. It reduces the tension,
    prevents waste and leaves the door open for reengagement.

    CMO’s bet their future when they start a new position. Change is expected and required in that situation. Their average tenure is just 18 months.
    Lets hope this is a positive change for a great American brand, and not the beginning of the end.

    Goodby has shown a great sense of relevance in understanding American buyers. As a Chevy guy, I hope they make me crave Chevy like I have almost every other Goodby client.

    Good work has a way of protecting itself.

    If they’re wrong, like Walmart and other turnover accounts, Publicis should just sit tight.

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