Let’s discuss the Resurrection of Christ and other great ad campaigns.

April 2, 2010

He rises, inspiring us all

Today is Good Friday. Our agency is closed but there are numerous people in working on a new business pitch for Monday. And so I am here. But, in honor of the day, and Easter and Passover for that matter, I do want to say something about God. Don’t click away heathens. I will be brief.

I absolutely believe in a power greater than myself. We’d be in big trouble if the world revolved around me or, frankly, anyone. There’s divine madness here. I’m certain of that.

I’m not Catholic but the Resurrection myth appeals to me on many levels. Being reborn (presumably into something better) is the ultimate aspiration. As we move through life, accumulating the good and the bad, making many mistakes, collecting resentments, winning and losing, and on and on, the idea of shaking up the Etch-a-Sketch becomes irresistible. Oh, to have a clean slate! Christ promises as much if we turn our body and soul over to him. But even if we can’t go there, the pragmatic idea of refreshing oneself remains relevant and powerful. To me, anyway.

Even my passion for horror stories, particularly zombies and vampires, are tied to a fascination with resurrection. After all, are not the undead resurrected themselves? Though terrifying, is not their appetite for human flesh a lot like sacrament? For obvious reasons, these unsavory creatures are linked with Satan. Not because they’re scary but because there is no redemptive quality in feasting on others merely to exist.

In my novel, The Happy Soul Industry redemption is a key part of every main character’s journey. In reality, I hope it is a part of mine, too!

Another aspect of the book, perhaps blasphemous to some, is the notion that all religions are but ad campaigns for God. In the story, God decides the next campaign should come from the experts. Therefore, She (yes, She) sends an angel to Earth to find an ad agency! As you might imagine, all hell breaks loose.

For those of you not celebrating a religious holiday this weekend, there’s always the Easter Bunny. But go easy on the chocolates. Bikini season is just around the corner!

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8 Responses to “Let’s discuss the Resurrection of Christ and other great ad campaigns.”

  1. I couldn’t agree more with your notion that all religions are but ad campaigns for God. But I don’t think we’re going to burn in hell for thinking that way. God is a spiritual commodity that needs to be marketed in our crazy world, even if branded and packaged in different ways (All right, now I’m going to hell).

    Just like most brands, religions are flawed human creations. But they have a place in society. They attempt to bring something good to people’s life, at least most of the time. I’ve seen the same light of hope in the eyes of a person of faith that I’ve seen in the eyes of a person waiting in line for hours to buy an iPhone when it was launched (I’m definitely going to hell now).

    It doesn’t really matter whether you believe or not (in brands or religions). Anything that makes life on this planet a little better deserves to exist. And we embrace them, consciously or not.

    Those who are particularly against religions should visit poor countries. The ones where God hasn’t been marketed in some form are in deep chaos. The others seem to find strength to grow. And they would probably love to have iPhones.

  2. SRP said

    Well said, Carlos.
    Thank you.

  3. Where exactly are these “godless” countries? If they haven’t been sold one particular god, or created their own creator, they most assuredly believe in multiple gods.

    • You are absolutely right. There are no godless countries. But there are countries in West Africa where most of the populations don’t have beliefs, only fear of their one or multiple and, as you pointed out, sometimes fabricated gods.

      I don’t think God has been marketed as spiritual commodity in those countries but rather as extensions of their rulers’ powers.

      Brazil is a good example of how God as spiritual commodity can help people overcome the most difficult challenges. Once dominated by brutal dictatorship, Brazilians only had religion (and soccer) to give them strength to keep fighting and eventually turn things around.

      I’m not religious but I recognize the power of religion to build communities and save lives. Just like some brands and products can make people’s lives a little better and even save lives.

  4. supdog said


    Since when is the Resurrection purely a Catholic belief? It is at the core of all Christianity. I thought you attended a Christian Church, albeit a Protestant one. If there is no Resurrection, Christ is not who He said He was. That said, I do not believe the Resurrection to be a myth, but a belief I share with billions throughout history.

    Carlos, the iphone comparison? Really? Rings of idolatry to me.

    To your other point, since it would require more faith to believe in your statement that all religions are man made creations, I will keep my faith securely placed in the Risen Christ. There is simply too much evidence in history to convince me otherwise.

    • SRP said

      Thanks for your passionate note. Happy Easter!
      Like you I believe in a power greater than myself, just not the Risen Christ. However I do believe He is one of mankind’s greatest assets -when not being misinterpreted and exploited. God bless, Steffan

    • IPhones, celebrities, religions, they’re all just responses to different needs in our society. But don’t take me wrong, having faith is a wonderful thing and I agree that it doesn’t compare to adoring your iPhone. My point is that anything that makes people’s lives better is a good thing.

      By the way, I’d rather see people obsessed with iPhones than with car bombs.

  5. Steffan and Carlos,

    Completely agree with both of you. I am not religious but I feel a spiritual re-emergence that embraces tolerance, science, creativity, and empathy is vital if our species is to survive and rise above this disharmonious era.

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