Coming up with Ideas (and selling them). There’s no better job in the world.

November 23, 2009

Wearing your heart…

Presumably you’re in advertising or you wouldn’t be reading this blog -unless, of course, you’re my mother. Hi Mom! That means you’re well aware how much our profession has taken it on the chin lately. And not just because of the recession. Other shit that has hurt our industry, in no particular order: too many awards shows. Corrupt awards shows. Scam ads. Holding companies. Ageism. A woeful lack of diversity. Closings. Firings. Layoffs. Bogus pitches. Greedy consultants. Cheap clients. Evil bloggers. And yes, bad product. As Lee Clow so eloquently put it, “Ninety percent of advertising is shit.” He may have said “Ninety five percent.” He may have used the word “crap.” I’m paraphrasing.

In any event, I bet we could all use a reminder of why the ad game is still so much fun…

I look forward to Mondays. I really do. Part of the reason is because I am subordinate to everyone in my home, including the dogs, whereas at work I am the CHIEF CREATIVE OFFICER.

Anyway, other than recklessly wielding incredible power, here’s what makes me happy about advertising, often on a daily basis. First and foremost: I like coming up with ideas and selling them. The moment of creation is a blessed event in my life. Breaking through. Nailing it. However you describe the ah-ha moment. I love that. Unlike some of my peers, I also like selling ideas. Unveiling creative ideas to clients is exciting and fun. Not always, sure. But it’s supposed to be. After all, we’re showing the client a glorious new campaign. For some, this has become a fear driven affair. I’m lucky. Pitching and presenting thrill me to the core. Losing sucks, yes. But today we’re talking about what we like about advertising. What I like anyway.

I like the people. We are crazy, neurotic, brilliant, damaged, and young at heart. We dress up. We dress down. We ride our bikes to work. We are inappropriate. We have fun, even if it’s in a crazy, neurotic, damaged way.

I like the technology! The moment Apple created a laptop my agency gave me one. They’ve been giving me one ever since. I’m typing on it now. Advertising also gave me my Blackberry. We have more flat screens than an ESPN Zone. Down the hall is a full blown recording studio. Try finding that in a bank.

I like the travel. Milan, Paris, London, Shanghai. I’ve been all over the world. Especially L.A. and New York. And this isn’t just because of luck although I most certainly am lucky. Many creatives go many places, provided they are good at coming up with ideas and selling them.

Most advertising creatives adore production. Up before sunrise. 14-hour days. Hurry up and wait. That said you meet the coolest people on production. Like the film crew, who are cooler than you because you are now the client! Still, you’re making a film in Hollywood. It’s like being in the center of a reality TV show. What’s not too like?

I will finish where I began: Coming up with ideas and selling them. For me, nothing is as satisfying. This is why I like Mondays better than Fridays. This is why I love advertising.

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4 Responses to “Coming up with Ideas (and selling them). There’s no better job in the world.”

  1. better jobs than advertising:

    major league baseball player
    funeral home owner in florida or arizona
    pediatric nurse
    lead singer in rock band
    zamboni driver
    caddie for tiger woods
    disaster aid worker
    teacher at iowa writer’s workshop
    editor at vanity fair
    guitar tech for jeff beck
    pawn shop owner in las vegas
    engineer at abbey road
    head designer at apple
    lifeguard at brazilian beach

    to name but a few…

  2. CynDAles said

    Yes! You’re right, 10% of the time advertising is fun and dynamic and smart and a gift.

  3. cooper moye said

    How do I get paid and give me something that needs a idea aim for a company

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