Certain statements have staying power no matter who makes them.

November 20, 2009

Out of the mouths of babes…

Along with editorial about the nefarious side of our industry, the inimitable George Parker (Adcam/the Horror!) often posts sexy photos of supermodel, Kate Moss. English and silly; it’s like page 3 in the UK’s Daily Star, which is devoted to topless women. This is but one of the reasons why Parker’s blog is so popular.

The other day Parker had a story to go along with the photo of Kate. Apparently, Miss Moss was asked if she had any favorite mottos. She replied: “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.” According to Parker, she took some heat for saying it. Promoting anorexia in young women, etc…

Moral implications aside, as a piece of copy, I love this saying. For all the back and forth on dieting and body image, Kate’s axiom hits the sweet spot, or soft spot, depending on your point of view. The statement is persuasive in the extreme. It rings true (even if it isn’t.) It motivates. It’s a great line.

Given I recently wrote about annoying phrases we could do without, it seems only fitting I write about pieces of language that still hold their power. Sentences like that are pretty special; they don’t feel manufactured or repurposed. True or not, I feel as though Kate made this one up herself. And I say to myself: ‘Ah, that’s it. Now I know how and why supermodels stay thin.’

During an interview about new business pitches, I once made the following statement: “Losing feels worse than winning feels good.” I’ve since heard it used before. Yet, at the time, I felt I’d come up with it. Both lines (mine and Kate’s) are great reminders at how powerful the human language can be.

Ernest Hemingway was obsessed with making sure every sentence he wrote was perfect. Subsequently, most of them were. But once in a while schlubs like me, or Kate Moss, get it right as well.

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2 Responses to “Certain statements have staying power no matter who makes them.”

  1. golublog said

    The phrase is quite catchy almost too catchy. Kate Moss tends to get grouped into the category of inspiring bad behavior with her every utterance/even with just her appearance—Heroine chic.
    I do agree if someone else said the sentence it would be clever, when Kate Moss says it seems anorexic.

  2. SRP said

    Thank you for reading/commenting.
    And I just visited your blog.
    Rock on, kiddo!

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