Miracle Whip takes a licking from Colbert then dishes it right back!

November 12, 2009


Miracle Whip vs. Stephen Colbert. Round II

A remarkable story from those adorable guttersnipes at Agency Spy; it’s about one of our clients (Kraft) and a competing agency (McGarry Bowen) so I have to tread carefully.  Some background. Last month, on his popular show, Stephen Colbert teed off about Miracle Whip’s new advertising campaign. In his inimitable style, he took the salad spread to task for trying to be hip and edgy. It’s all here: Colbert & Miracle Whip on Agency Spy

So, Colbert ridicules another advertising campaign. Funny sure. But for him a lay up. Skewering commercials, pop stars and politicians is what he does. Most of his victims invariably take it on the chin, especially national advertisers. What are they supposed to do –fight back? Make a spectacle of them selves? PR 101 suggests clients remain above the fray. Don’t draw any more attention to the matter.

Kudos to Miracle Whip for not listening to this advice… What. So. Ever. According to Agency Spy, the brand took out a full-page newspaper ad today making light of the whole affair. It’s quirky, unexpected and that’s not the half of it. Adhering to their own brand strategy (We are Miracle Whip and we won’t back down), the brand taunts Colbert by stating their intent to run creative (the very creative he made fun of) during every commercial break on his show this evening. “In a sense,” they wrote, “We own you.”

Even if Colbert sarcastically thanks Kraft for throwing all those ad dollars at his show (what I’d do) I still think the proverbial shoe is on the other foot. Miracle Whip making him their bitch is pretty damn radical. Way outside the box wouldn’t you say?

Knowing the people, places and things associated with this story, I think it’s stunning. And brilliant. No matter what Colbert does he’s playing into their hands. More talk. More story. More buzz for Miracle Whip. In other words: social currency. Which, if I’m not mistaken, is what every agency is promising, and only sometimes delivering, for their clients.

And finally, props to Agency Spy for seeing this story for what it is. As of this writing the trades hadn’t.

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8 Responses to “Miracle Whip takes a licking from Colbert then dishes it right back!”

  1. adchick said

    LOVE.IT! A win-win for all concerned. It IS brilliant!

  2. Dan said

    I really thought Miracle Whip had swung and missed with these ads. However, if they actually take up the banner and use it as an attitude calling for everything they do with the brand it could really evolve into something.

    Taking on Colbert is one of the smartest moves I’ve seen all year. And I’m sure Stephen is up for a fair or even an unfair fight. They’ll get plenty of free press out of this. I just hope they do more than shove the one ad down our throats.

    Congrats to McGarryBowen.

    • Dan said

      Err…make that congrats to McGarry – maybe. Only if it works out. Anyone know if they planned this or if they are just hoping to get lucky? Anyways if Colbert takes them up on this fight, nothing helps like a ‘Colbert Bump’ even if it is a Colbert beat down.

  3. ella said

    Agreed. McGarry Bowen or whoever was responsible for making that full-page ad response to Colbert played this well.

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