Scorsese chooses favorite horror movies. My brother makes a couple new ones…for Bing!

October 29, 2009

“Honey, this spot rocks!”

Here’s a Halloween treat from the Gods of Advertising: A double feature!

First up, from The Daily Beast, the 11 scariest movies of all time as chosen by famed director, Martin Scorsese. Few of his picks would be on my list (Where are the zombies, Martin?) but it’s a cerebral and global selection. On it you’ll find everyone’s favorite shocker, The Shining.

Martin\'s top 11 horror movies!

Which brings us to the next part of our double feature. My brother, Jeremy Postaer just completed two new Bing spots, where he serves as Creative Director and, of all things, voiceover! Both spots are surprisingly fun and a wee bit scary. Barely back from client approvals, here is the first, Vampire just in time for Halloween.

Client: Bing, Microsoft
Agency: JWT
Creative Director: Jeremy Postaer
Writers: Dave Ekholm, Brock Kirby
Art Directors: John Cornette, Andrea Schnieder
Producer: JD Williams
Dirtector: Craig Gillespie

Steffan\'s Twitter address

The Happy Soul Industry on Amazon


2 Responses to “Scorsese chooses favorite horror movies. My brother makes a couple new ones…for Bing!”

  1. Zebediah said

    Scorsese, not Scorcese

  2. SRP said

    fixed it, thanks.

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