Notre Dame puts down it’s dukes and picks up its message in powerful ad campaign.

October 26, 2009

“Hey, Irish, let’s make the world a better place!”

Watching the Notre Dame game this weekend, I was taken aback by the university’s advertising. Why? Because it’s good. Not awards show material, but solid. The campaign answers to the tagline: We are the fighting Irish. But instead of playing up the famous football team and the college’s illustrious all-American history, ND chooses a more enlightened interpretation to the line and, in turn, toward marketing their campus. Notre Dame is fighting for the environment, fighting for a healthy global economy, and fighting for the rights of handicapped athletes.

Normally, the obligatory commercial for each school playing in a televised game is just that: obligatory. Typically, we see students bent over their textbooks in the library or gallivanting across their picturesque campus. Often the propaganda intersperses famous alumni and iconic buildings. These are the motifs most often associated with college advertising. The approach is understandable, given budget constraints and financial priorities.

It’s not that Notre Dame avoids these elements in the construction of their advertising; it’s how they put them together. Most are well written, well produced and, in their own way, powerful.

Lest you think I’m a Notre Dame alum or fan, I’m not. Basically, I grew up hating Notre Dame and its goody-goody reputation. The fact that they always won drove me and countless others crazy. The fact that they have been losing of late mostly makes me happy, as it does my brother, Daniel who went to USC. I say mostly because my great friend, John Coveny (writer/producer: The Closer & Trust Me) is a Notre Dame alumnus. For his sake I want the team competitive. Sort of.

Regardless of one’s fandom, we have to give props to Notre Dame’s advertising campaign, especially the long form commercials. They portray ND as enlightened, world class and compassionate.

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2 Responses to “Notre Dame puts down it’s dukes and picks up its message in powerful ad campaign.”

  1. Q: what’s the difference between the notre dame football team and a dollar bill?
    A: you can still get four quarters out of a dollar bill.

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