Pivot and Euro RSCG celebrate eco-smart fashion with new campaign…and a party!

October 7, 2009



Posters for Pivot: Rei Young (art director), Curtis Green (copywriter)

Pivot is more than an eco-smart woman’s clothing store; it’s an idea. But the idea is a double-edged sword. Because while “eco-smart fashion” may be the right thing to do, that does not mean people will wear it. Fashion has its own vainglorious priorities. Reconciling the two can be difficult.

Jessa Brinkmeyer, owner of the Chicago-based eco-boutique Pivot, had to take a step back from her day-to-day business activities to think about this challenge: promote eco-friendly design but also a sense of style, excitement and fun that all fashion brands must impart. Like I said, a difficult message to deliver. Subsequently, she will be closing her boutique but, with some help, the Pivot idea can live on…

And our agency was more than obliged to pitch in. After all, a green retail case study, however small, is invaluable. Plus, it’s the right thing to do.

“Make a Fashion Statement” embodies the idea that eco-friendly fashion can be beautiful and alluring, while expressing your values and a desire to support a more sustainable world. The campaign encourages people to make a connection between fashion and their personal environmental impact, local economies and more thoughtful commerce. Lines such as, “Do the clothes you wear, wear out the world?” “Be green in any color you like” and “Good karma is in” evoke that connection.

With a combination of high-fashion artwork and compelling copy, Jessa sees “Make a Fashion Statement” as an opportunity to further define both Pivot and her interpretation of eco-fashion. She hopes a far-reaching dialogue can be developed around the campaign, benefiting eco-fashion designers and retailers everywhere.

A discussion on Twitter will be structured around the #MAFS hashtag to make it easier to follow statements and thoughts shared. Through Pivot’s Twitter account (@PivotEcoFashion) Jessa will ask followers and their networks to contribute by sharing how they use fashion to make substantive statements, interpret eco-fashion and more.

Pivot will host a party on Wednesday, October 7th from 6 to 9 p.m. (1101 West Fulton Market) to view the work and get into the brand. The event will also feature a trunk show with Chicago designer Lara Miller, drinks and food by vegan caterer Artfully Delicious. If we’re lucky another Euro client, Effen Vodka will be on hand for appropriately “green” martinis. Why not make a fashion statement yourself? Come to the party! All are invited.

And thank you, Mr. Lazare! Lewis Lazare on Pivot campaign.

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2 Responses to “Pivot and Euro RSCG celebrate eco-smart fashion with new campaign…and a party!”

  1. I love the logo creations, may I ask who created them?


  2. SRP said

    The Pivot logo alone not sure but the lockup and other text, illustration, etc all done by art director, Rei Young.

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