The Rogue’s Gallery: Your submissions make it happen!

September 28, 2009

Museum Series
“Museum” from a series by Kevin Eichorst

After many late nights fussing over typefaces and formatting issues, last week your indefatigable curator launched The Rogue’s Gallery –an online anthology and gallery made specifically for copywriters and art directors. It’s mantra: “What we make when we’re not making ads.”

The Rogue’s Gallery was not meant to be a commercial gallery. Nor is it a beauty contest. The Rogue’s Gallery is a place where creative advertising people can show their work and appreciate the work of their peers.

Within 48 hours the gallery received your photography, painting, poetry, fiction and essays. And not just from Chicago but all over the world, including a short story from India. In that same period The Rogue’s Gallery was visited over 2,000 times. And counting…

A great start, yes. But this new, new thing is fragile. It needs sustenance every day. Your art. Your photography. Your poetry and prose. Without you The Rogue’s Gallery is nothing.

This is a good thing, people.

Please visit The Rogue\'s Gallery and see what your peers do when they are not beholden to a client. Just as importantly, send in your work. Include a few lines about it and you. Remember to keep the formats simple: word documents and jpegs.

Send “art” and “copy” to

Be sure and take note of the recent photography submissions. Some excellent work there. Thank you!

Steff\'s Twitter gallery!


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