Thank the Gods of advertising it’s Friday. Previews of coming attractions!

September 18, 2009


Gentle Readers-

Normally I like to post Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Not only is it good discipline for me but it spreads the week out nicely. In any event, agency obligations (aka my real job) were overwhelming this week and I’m unable to provide a piece for your Friday consumption; that is, if you don’t include this one!

However, I’ve got a few doozies planned for next week. Leading off with another infamous mea culpa. My digital screw-ups always prove popular. Ah, schadenfreude! In any event, Gods of Advertising is nothing if not a learning experience. Monday’s tale will be no exception.

Then I’ve got a real surprise. I’m launching an online art gallery and anthology for copywriters and art directors by copywriters and art directors. Its sole purpose will be to showcase what creative advertising people make when they’re not making ads. A dream of mine for years, I resuscitated the concept based on new opportunities for it online. I’ve been working on the prototype for several weeks now, writing and tweaking the content, playing with formats and acquiring submissions.

Much more will be revealed next week but if you want to participate –site unseen- please send me a poem, a short story, a photograph or a piece of art. The only requirement is that you be a creative advertising person and that you created the work. Please provide your name, current job and a few words about the piece. Send jpegs, PDFs or Word documents to me, at Don’t worry about formats and don’t be shy. PS: we could really use some poetry and photography.

Finally, in the wee hours last night this blog received it’s 100,000th visitor in 2009. Not big numbers if you’re an advertiser but pretty effen good if you’re me! Thank you so much for your readership and continued support. And I’ll see you next week.

Gods of Twitter!


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