Heavenspot provides Halloween 2 with scary good advertising.

August 25, 2009

Michael Myers takes out the trash!

Though I am an ardent fan of horror films, and the work of Rob Zombie in particular (The Devil’s Rejects is awesome as it is gruesome), his upcoming remake of “Halloween 2” does nothing for me. For the most part, I find slasher films such as Halloween grueling and monotonous. I wasn’t crazy about the original and, despite Zombie’s directing, I’m indifferent to the remake.

Rest assured, Gentle Reader this post is not about that film, but rather the marketing of it. Of all things, it’s an online banner campaign I’d like to call out. In these inspired creations, the infamous serial killer, Michael Myers grabs and murders an assortment of banner-ad spokespersons. The victims are the worst sorts of online clichés. The dancing mortgage lender. The sexy single that’s waiting to meet you. Myers emerges from off screen and wastes them. Boo yeah! We relish seeing these cretins destroyed. It’s a cravenly delightful merger of message and medium.

Like pond scum, Banner ads and the like have bloomed fast and furious on the Internet, and 99.5% of them stink. Having Meyers take out the trash is truly inspired.

Quality advertising online is rare for myriad reasons. For one thing, it interferes with a very personal experience. Thankfully, they are also easily dispensed with. Like flicking mosquitoes, we rid our screens of these annoying pests. Subsequently, the click-through rates are abysmal. As an ad-man I’m worried. As a consumer, not so much.

Yet, with this campaign I (both ad-man and consumer) am surprised and delighted. By “eliminating” the loathsome banner characters, the killer beats me to the punch. Not only do I appreciate the service (even if only in jest), I am also reminded of the prurient pleasures awaiting me at the multiplex.

When advertising syncs with media good things happen. Obviously, it’s easier said than done. Not this time however. Credit goes to digital agency, Heavenspot. And many thanks to Adfreak for finding these gems:

Adfreak post

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3 Responses to “Heavenspot provides Halloween 2 with scary good advertising.”

  1. Mastodi said

    Keep up the good hard work man, this article has really blown me away ! Good stuff, recommended.


  2. Jeff said

    Thanks for the compliment! You perfectly described the direction and feeling we had while creating the work.

  3. SRP said

    my pleasure.
    Like the slasher genre, it’s hard finding good work in online banners. Yours was an example.

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