Holy crap! The Legion movie trailer is awful-scary-funny.

August 13, 2009

Oh my Gods…

In my novel, The Happy Soul Industry God hires an advertising agency and all hell breaks loose. Some of you already read the book and reviewed it on Amazon. God bless you! The rest of you – here’s the link:

Buy The Happy Soul Industry on Amazon

If you think my premise is whack wait until you get a load of the trailer for the new movie, Legion coming this fall. Holy crap. This picture takes the Christian prophecy of Armageddon to a whole nutha level. From what I gathered, the story is about the archangel Michael, who cuts off his wings and joins the human race in a fight to stave off the apocalypse. Why not? Regardless, you’ve got to see the trailer. I’ve attached the PG version but there’s an even nastier one online if you search…

Legion Movie Trailer


3 Responses to “Holy crap! The Legion movie trailer is awful-scary-funny.”

  1. Joe Dapier said

    Justin Cox should definitely get a kick out of this.

  2. Charles said

    A work of pure fiction inspired by the father of lies, and an open and flagrant attack on the Truth. For a glimpse of what’s really coming soon, read the book of Revelation. Fallen angels won’t save you from the wrath of God, nor will all the guns in the world. Get a grip people.

    • Someguy said

      I think it’s hilarious that you feel the need to tell people that the movie premise is fictitious.
      Gee. I had no idea. I thought it was telling my about the future.

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