Night of the Adeaters: A nasty little film that serves us right.

August 12, 2009

Ads are scary…

Well, here’s a little something for ad folks to chew on –literally and figuratively: an advertising viral that’s bloody disgusting. It has something to do with Advertising Week this fall in New York. Fellow by the name of Alex Denholm, from Findrinteractive sent it to me last night. Normally, I delete such blatant plugs but this one…

Have a look. I won’t bother cutting and pasting the explanation. Let your jaded-by-advertising mind wander…and wonder…just what the hell is going on here.

Terror my Twitter!


4 Responses to “Night of the Adeaters: A nasty little film that serves us right.”

  1. jerry said

    Not sure what you are talking about, but I love the video and looking forward to the actual event.

  2. SRP said

    I’m never sure what I’m talking about. I think I was trying to be cryptic…

  3. Julie said

    I love the video… I think it’s about time that someone stepped up to the plate and challenged the traditional view of advertising icons. I’m especially into the twisted grungy look… Def will be attending this event to see what else the organizers have up their sleeves!

  4. I must say…

    This is VERY COOL!

    Ad week in NYC is comparable to fashion week, except it’s for us creatives, designers, marketers, and other business professionals. AdEaters is a new concept and this is the first time anything like this is being introduced here in the States! This is truly history in the making and only sets the bar for things to come.

    I will definitely be attending Adeaters NYC! I know for a fact that tons of people will be going to this, the other showings in the other countries were sold out almost instantly! If not for the ads, this will be a great place to network with other like-minded individuals.

    I hope to see most of you there.

    – Robert Haleluk

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