I was wrong. Ashton Kutcher may be the smartest guy in the pool.

August 5, 2009

“shallow end my ass!”

The other day I read that over 3 million people follow Ashton Kutcher on Twitter. For some reason (I suppose I was trying to be ironic) I, in turn, twittered: “Over 3 million people follow Ashton Kutchner on Twitter. What does that say about us?”

In addition to spelling the actor/celebrity’s last name wrong (there is no “n”), I also feel stupid for having twittered that missive.

All arguments from me regarding Twitter should begin and end with this sentiment: Who gives a shit what I think? I have 300 followers (Thank you!). Ashton has 3,000,000 and counting. By those numbers it’s easy to tell whom people give a shit about and whom they do not.

And so my general apology to Ashton. But I also owe him a more personal amend. While perusing my Sunday edition of Parade Magazine, I came across a feature about Mr. Kutcher: “I’m still looking for Trouble,” by Jeanne Wolf. On a lark, I read the piece and, lo and behold, gained a fair amount of respect for Mr. Kutcher; and not for his known accomplishments (That 70’s Show, Punk’d, being Demi’s husband) but for the things he had to say in the article. That’s right. I was intrigued by Ashton Kutcher’s point of view.

On relationships: “The real trick is putting yourself around people you admire…I locked in on the brightest light in the room… That’s why I married my wife. We have an agreement in our marriage…to shine our lights on each other.” Laugh if you want, but I actually think these are poetic and pragmatic terms for a marriage. Despite much ridicule, he and Demi are still together, and it’s going on 7 years.

On life: “There’s no sense in making life seem like it’s a struggle (when it clearly isn’t), because that doesn’t make anybody feel better.”

On ambition: “If you stop working at a career it goes away…If you don’t work toward it, you’re not really appreciating what you’ve got.”

Not only do I agree with him I’m pleasantly surprised by how he mitigates his ego with gratitude. In my own small way, I try and do that in my life. I admire that he, of all people, aspires to do so as well.

Ashton goes on to discuss how aware he is that everyone other than those 3 million followers thinks he’s a moron. Hell, I did! What’s cool is his attitude about the deal –it’s neither precious nor defensive: “I deserve to be made fun of,” he says. “As soon as you make fun of something, it instantly removes the fear.”

Look…I don’t care for any of this guy’s work –never have-but I do owe him an amends. Beyond rich, famous and handsome, Kutcher seems to have a good head on his shoulders. Not that he gives a shit what I think but Dude, where’s my manners!

Not Ashton\'s Twitter!


One Response to “I was wrong. Ashton Kutcher may be the smartest guy in the pool.”

  1. Jason Fox said

    The man’s from Iowa and it shows. (Disclosue: I married an Iowa girl.)

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