Ex Y&R man “searching for the meaning of life on a branded planet.”

July 20, 2009

James Othmer’s new book.

As many of you know, a great theme for me is trying to do the right thing in a business predicated on nurturing greed, lust, envy and sloth. Fittingly, the tag for my blog reads, “We make you want what you don’t need.” In my novel, The Happy Soul Industry , God seeks an ad agency to market heaven and all hell breaks loose.

So, it is with great curiosity I await the release of James Othmer’s new book, Adland, Searching for the Meaning of Life on a Branded Planet.

It appears former Y&R creative director; James Othmer was motivated to write this memoir by the same forces that compel me. In the entertaining, and at times, enlightening prologue (what was sent to me), we find Othmer embroiled in an overblown, doomed pitch for new business. Like many pitches, the agency gets off to a galloping start only to have fear and politics take a devastating (and in this case, hilarious) toll.

Adland is a story about how a creative young man got drawn into our business and fared in it, through thick, thin and ridiculous.

The book comes out in September but Othmer has produced a compelling trailer for the material. Have a look.

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