Bits and pieces: Euro wins big, Dillinger & Draper, Michelle’s bizarre get-ups.

July 13, 2009

Same guy, different crimes.

Not my usual M.O. but in honor of summer distractions I’m writing bits and pieces this week. Some news, some rants. These are observations and ideas not big enough to warrant a full post but are on my mind, none-the-less. More to follow soon. Let me know what you think.

Let’s start on a high note. Euro RSCG in New York managed to win the Heineken account, beating out Weiden & Kennedy, TBWA and Strawberry Frog. Euro NY does a fabulous job with the same client’s Dos Equis brand so this seems like fair reward. “The most interesting man in the world” might be the best beer advertising in America right now, maybe even the world. Wonder what they have in store for the yuppie brew in the iconic green bottle. I should say my office in Chicago had nothing to do with this big win. I know the folks who did, however and they are that agency’s best and brightest. Congrats to all.

When it comes to broadcast advertising, cinema is the new TV. I saw five big budget commercials prior to the last movie I attended. Not so long ago these would have represented a typical flight on prime time. But since few of us actually witness commercial breaks anymore (thank you DVR), the movies are now the place where advertisers find a captive audience. This is either highly annoying or great news for agencies still wanting to produce films for their clients. Probably both.

Shifting gears completely: Love our new Prez, his family, even the dog. But why is everyone so complimentary of Michelle Obama’s wardrobe? I think much of what she wears is bizarre. Google her visit with the Pope. That outfit was downright scary. Hey, at least she’s her own woman.

Saw Michael Mann’s “Public Enemies.” Why the plural? Baby Face Nelson is in five minutes. Pretty Boy Floyd gets killed about 20 seconds after we meet him. Still, it’s a good period piece, full of nice suits and men wearing hats. Sort of “Mad Men” with machine guns. Continuing that comparison, John Dillinger is portrayed much the same as Dan Draper. Both men are handsome, driven, and self-destructive. Draper & Dillinger. Now there’s an agency to be reckoned with! Back to the film, I especially appreciated the way Chicago looked: a hell of a lot cooler than it did in “Dark Knight.” You can’t beat the rickety “El” for killer mise en scene.

Some rants in the next post so stay tuned!

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