USA Today dinner in Cannes: A Who’s Who in the American ad world.

June 27, 2009

A new kind of agency!

I attended the USA Today dinner honoring all the US judges participating in the Cannes festival. As it is every year, the dinner was at famed restaurant, Le Moulin de Mougins just outside of Cannes.

At the event were many of our country’s leading advertising and marketing professionals, including the following: Bob Greenberg, Gerry Graph (jury), Michael Roth, David Lubars (head juror), Tom Bernadin, Ty Montegue, Howard Draft, Tom Bedecarre’ and dozens of others whose names and faces you’d recognize. Other jurors invited were Rich Silverstein, Nick Brien and David Droga. In addition, I was able to identify various marketing big wigs from Kraft, P&G and McDonalds.

You get the idea. If someone dropped the proverbial bomb on Le Moulin the US ad industry would be decimated. Which got me to thinking…

What if someone did, God forbid, drop a bomb on the place? After the dust cleared, would our much-maligned industry suffer even further or, as many cynics have suggested, would the elimination of so many big shots suddenly clear the decks for a faster, brighter and sharper version of…them?

I know this sounds morbid. Terribly so. But that’s what I thought about as I exited the restaurant into a parking lot full of waiting Mercedes sedans. The drivers were all lined up like West Point Cadets. Upon seeing a colleague exit and me they descended upon us. Seriously, folks, it was like Night of the Living Limo Drivers.

Conversely (and less morbidly), what would happen if Le Moulin somehow became transported to the proverbial desert island? None of us very good at actually making things, could we survive? If so, would we form a huge holding company, give each other untold shares, and go about bamboozling the indigenous people into hiring us?

Hey, I’m only kidding!

USA Today threw a lovely soiree and I felt privileged to have been there, let alone invited. One of the most fun things about coming to Cannes is the opportunity to meet so many VIPs of our industry, and not just from the creative ranks. At any given moment you might bump into your mentor, idol, future or former boss. Pretty scary. Pretty cool.

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One Response to “USA Today dinner in Cannes: A Who’s Who in the American ad world.”

  1. some good people on that list. some awful ones as well. in fact, i’m surprised some of them are over there in cannes while their stock is tanking.

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