Local press calls me a man of action. Thank God for my bottle of Drakkar Noir!

June 19, 2009

I’m a playah!

From a review of Portfolio Night by the inimitable Chicago Sun Times media columnist, Lewis Lazare:

“More than a hundred young people looking to launch a career in advertising showed up at Chicago’s Relax Lounge on the near west side to have their portfolios critiqued by some of Chicago’s most high-profile creative talent, including Gibson, Kevin Lynch, Vinny Warren, Paul Brourman, Reed Collins, Bob Winter and Steffan Postaer, who, of course, loves to be wherever the action is perceived to be.”

Dig the last dig. It states that Steffan Postaer, “of course, loves to be where the action is perceived to be.”

Sentence-ending preposition aside, let’s start with the names the reporter mentioned. I suppose you could call us “high-profile creative talent.” But honestly, we’re just writers and art directors who became creative directors. If we have a profile it is on account of occasional trade stories like the one we’re talking about now. Whatever. It’s an honor to be admired at all, regardless of context.

On to my favorite subject: me. The reporter’s too, for he singled me out. Should I be offended? The implication is that I attended Portfolio Night to see and be seen. And not to help the handful of unemployed students looking for guidance and work. That assessment seems unfair to them and me. Stating I “perceived” Portfolio Night to be a place of “action” mocks our integrity, albeit harmlessly.

Just so you know I do not perceive events like this as action packed. Reviewing books is work. Having the book’s creator sitting in front of me makes it harder.

Secondly, what makes the reporter think I even want to be where the action is…whatever it is? I’m married. I have three children. I don’t drink. What sort of action would I be looking for? Since I ostensibly have the greatest job of anyone in the room it can’t be about networking. If I showed my wife this blurb she’d laugh in my face. She knows all too well my idea of action. It usually involves reading, writing or exercise. Honestly, I’d rather watch an obscure horror film than do just about anything.

Finally, and most interestingly, why does Lazare even perceive his audience gives two shits about my alleged fondness for action? Ironically, it’s precisely this sort of observation that inflates the personality of its subject. It implies that my desire for attention is newsworthy. It is not.

Yet, I know where this is coming from. I do court controversy on my blog and in the press. I’ve stirred the pot. Pointed out a few elephants in the room. I also enjoy giving presentations about our business, teaching classes and the like. I won’t lie; there is a certain thrill to being up on stage, behind the podium. By far the most action-packed part of my job is pitching new business and, yes, I love doing that. Is this the action I’m purported to like being around? If so, I’m guilty. But I’m guessing so are all the other people mentioned in Lew’s story, let alone those of you reading this one.

Read the full story: Lazare: Portfolio Night

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2 Responses to “Local press calls me a man of action. Thank God for my bottle of Drakkar Noir!”

  1. Pat said

    “I’m married. I have three children. I don’t drink. What sort of action would I be looking for?”
    I laughed out loud when I read this line. Perhaps the reporter has some suggestions?
    Really lazy journalism. He just wanted to end the paragraph on a (to him) uplifting, racy note. Same style ending to the last paragraph in his piece.

  2. Why go to Cannes early when you can review portfolios with all the beautiful people? You sly dog.

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