My brother, Jeremy Postaer is the creator of new Microsoft “Bing” campaign. And he’s the voiceover!

June 5, 2009

Jeremy and son, Jasper

I don’t often talk about my advertising family for the same reason many of you won’t post photos of your kids on Facebook. The Internet is sticky. Just because I expose myself to scrutiny doesn’t give me the license to expose them.

I need to make an exception with regard to my brother, Jeremy. Because what he’s up to now is too effen cool to pass up. Some of you may know Jeremy. Thus far, he’s had a pretty illustrious career in Ad Land. He began up at Goodby during that agency’s golden age, doing some pretty special work (Finlandia Vodka, Bell Helmets) with some pretty special people, including the men whose names grace the door. Later he became a group creative director at GSD&M in Austin, where he made a multi-award winning campaign for Land Rover, among others. Most recently Jer plied his craft beside Ty Montague at JWT in New York. All told, I’d say my brother has the best all-around creative portfolio I’ve ever seen. Every campaign has won every award.

A year or so ago my brother parted ways with JWT. I won’t get into that here other than to say, as is the case with certain powerful creative forces, storm systems develop. In an ironic twist of fate JWT brought my brother back in to work on a pitch for a major piece of business on Microsoft: the launch of the Bing search engine. Long story short my brother’s work carried the day.

“Bing. And decide” is the campaign and it begins with a classic 60-second anthem commercial. According to my brother, the rest and best of the work will begin airing during the NBA finals.

But the reason, really, why I’m blogging: My brother is the voice-over! Yup, my annoying brother is now the voice of Microsoft Search. Gulp.

Jeremy has always been a one-man gang when it comes to creativity. He came into the business as an art director and evolved into one hell of a copywriter. With an uncanny eye, mastery of new technology and a passion for storytelling my brother is the proverbial triple threat. He’s also a perfectionist, to the point where it borders on character defect.

Of course he used his own voice on the rough cuts. And of course the client loved it. Knowing my brother he willed them to love it! Even though this is the same voice I’ve often wanted to strangle (look up sibling rivalry; that’s us), he sounds pretty damn good. And given his tumultuous history with JWT, I’ve got to believe it feels pretty good for him. Much like the residuals he’ll be getting.

Good going, bro. You never cease to amaze me -to say nothing of your colleagues and clients.


8 Responses to “My brother, Jeremy Postaer is the creator of new Microsoft “Bing” campaign. And he’s the voiceover!”

  1. Eileen Stern said

    Wow. I love it! So proud. I’m “cvelling”!
    “Auntie” Eileen

  2. peter said

    hmmm, this feels eerily similar to the recent dex. com commercial where the competitor search engine inundates the woman/mother with thousands of possible search results to her question

  3. SRP said

    Yes, Peter, but was your brother the voice-over?

  4. Brian said

    I’ve met Jeremy a couple of times. He’s super talented.

  5. Bonnie LeVasseur said

    I had the Privilege of meeting Jeremy last week! My 9-year-old daughter, McKenna, was EXTREMELY fortunate, and was cast in the latest Bing commercial! (YAY!!! We are SO excited!!!) Your brother is the voice of Bing…and I’m hoping my daughter makes the final cut and gets to be one of the faces of Bing! As far as I’m concerned, Jeremy is a Creative Genius, and I hope McKenna and I will have the opportunity to work with him again!!!

  6. Cami Gordon said

    Just googling all the old gang at DDB SF and found this. I am very impressed. Love the Hawaii spot. I agree with your brother. You always were a good copywriter.
    Love, Cami Cohen Gordon (your first partner)

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