Fighting scandalous Dominoes video with tame rebuttal -wise, pointless or lame?

April 22, 2009

And you thought he was annoying…

Since we’ve been on the subject of inappropriate online behavior, let’s talk about the Dominoes “Boogergate” scandal. You know the story. Two employees of the pizza chain posted a video of them doing gross things to foodstuffs and then, presumably, selling the goods to unsuspecting customers. Apparently, over 1,000,000 people have viewed the spectacle.

48 hours later, the Dominoes CEO posts a video apology. In it, he soberly details all sorts of firm actions the company will be taking to protect the public and prevent this type of disaster from ever happening again. One measure involves closing the store down and sanitizing it top to bottom. In his latest Ad Age column, Bob Garfield goes into the particulars and offers commentary.

I haven’t seen the offensive video. Don’t care to. I get the gist of it. This sort of video blooms like algae on the Internet.

Frankly, I’m more interested in the Dominoes apology. I understand the need to do something and rather like the idea of a video, but why apologize for the two miscreants? They are morons. Dominoes isn’t at fault. As Garfield points out, these two could have been working at any number of fast food operations. Young men plus minimum wage plus the Internet equals this video. It is not a shocker when you consider what else is readily available on the Internet.

I suppose CEO, Pat Doyle did what he was advised to do. But imagine if he’d been more brazen and real: “When we find these two idiots were not just going to fire them but we’re going to film them eating their own wonderful creations. Put that on You Tube and suck it!”

Of course Doyle didn’t do anything like that. But I bet if he’d consulted with his ad agency, none other than Crispin Porter & Bogusky, he would have gotten just such a suggestion. Imagine…the ultimate agency pranksters taking two vidiots to school and scoring big time points with and for the client.

Ah, the revenge fantasy! Have I not learned my lesson? In my own case (see last post), fighting fire with fire proved to be a bad move. Yet, the urge to go fight club on these two nimrods rages, even in me.

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4 Responses to “Fighting scandalous Dominoes video with tame rebuttal -wise, pointless or lame?”

  1. themackerman said


    I was thinking about this today as well. While eye for an eye doesn’t always work on the internet, I thought there was a definite opportunity for Dominoes/CP+B to capitalize on this.

    Crispin often takes the “no publicity is bad publicity” approach so a fresh rebuttal wouldn’t have been out of line in the slightest.

    I imagined Pat Doyle offering a brief apology, turning to the pizza-chef-felons and serving up an ungodly punishment. Something totally over the top. Fry em up in a pizza oven. Or better yet, bake THEM into a pizza.

    A couple million hits later, the video response and Dominoes’ roll with the punches attitude could’ve turned an otherwise ugly situation into a viral sensation.

    Instead we’re left with 2 Employees, 1 Pizza.

  2. Of course, I meant Steffan.

  3. adchick said

    The revenge fantasy is a wonderful thing and should be left at just that-a fantasy. Emails, like letters, are forever, according to a former mentor. Your recent “indulgence” wasn’t bad…it just was. As for Dominoes, they did take the safe route, but who would not enjoy watching those two “vidiots” eat the same lunch they were serving up. And, you’re so right…it could happen anywhere. I’m eating at home more now!

  4. SRP said

    Adchick & Mike-
    wise words, thank you.
    When I continue “bad behavior” week we’ll look at Crispin (again) and their latest bouts of infamy…but instead of rehash we’ll explore if it’s working.

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