ECD Blake Ebel, aka the Love Guru, talks sex on the “Today Show.”

April 17, 2009

"Teenagers like having sex." -Blake Ebel
“Teenagers are curious about sex.”
-Blake Ebel

My creative partner at Euro RSCG Chicago, Blake Ebel appeared on the Today Show this morning talking about the very topic I had spent my last story discussing: sex(ism) and race(ism) in advertising.

Total coincidence. But understandable, given all the hubbub of late. The Today show isolated two spots in particular: the risque’ Spongebob Squarepants mashup for Burger King and hottie chef Padima’s burger eating orgy for Hardees.

I’d written about these and other fast food commercials that seemed to be hitting below the belt -wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

Blessed with suburban good looks, it’s easy to see why Today show producers opted to interview Blake. He comports himself well. Check out his 15 seconds of fame:
Ebel on Today Show


2 Responses to “ECD Blake Ebel, aka the Love Guru, talks sex on the “Today Show.””

  1. Mark said

    Saw Blake on the Today Show, it was too short! I’m sure he would agree?

    Seems like a nice guy, but having worked with his father (1993) I guess
    that trait got passed on as well? After seeing his bit, I remembered that I’d
    vowed (on occasion) to peruse your blog, this is an occasion and I’m perusing.

    My largest curiosity (assumption) was to see if your site succumbed to what
    most advertising blogs succumb to — junkyards of juvenile jousting?
    So far, I haven’t seen that? Refreshing!
    I hope I can continue this unusual decorum, and not devolve into
    the maniacal manners of most mobs (‘er blogs).

    I too get frustrated over the running debate Traditional V. Digital!

    I’m sure there was a Sandwich Board V. Bus Bench brouhaha too?

    My sense is we’ve lost our way, our real purpose? I’m an “AGENCY CREATIVE” (that’s what others call what I do, I don’t particularly like it) when strangers
    ask; “WHAT DO YOU DO?” I reply (in more colloquial-speak than this) that
    I’m a translator, I take products and define their purposes into relevant and
    motivating language (verbal & visual). To me that’s our Holy Grail.
    I tend to be media agnostic, without first mining (A.) all other steps our moot.

    Agencies are defined by these miens:
    “When You Care Enough To Send The Very Best”
    “Mmmm Good”
    “Got Milk”
    That’s OUR PRODUCT!

    Take it VIRAL/rent a BIPLANE and plaster your mantra above Omaha/
    Take it to Kinko’s and print 5.000 flyers/ it’s all good!
    All flanking (digital et al…) agency services are subservient
    to their above aforementioned masters. We tend to chase the latest-greatest bright shiny objects and in doing so, we take our eyes off the prize!

    But, WTF Do I know?

    (had to throw that in, I was afraid I wouldn’t make the cut without
    pretending to be a little bit cantankerous/onerous… ‘er “STREET!”)

  2. SRP said

    I appreciate your readership and commentary.
    Unfortunately, I have “slipped” when it comes to being a slime ball on the Internet. yes, I have become what I despise! I’m going to post about it soon. Do better next time.

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