Small client -big results for New City and Euro RSCG.

April 9, 2009

A close shave for Euro RSCG creative, Matt Dimmer.


That’s the clarion of our new print & poster campaign for New City, a Chicago weekly dedicated to the local arts scene. New City has always been known for it’s in-depth coverage, arguably more passionate and connected than any of its mainstream rivals. The publication also looks and feels more like art than traditional papers.

Propaganda for New City should be no different. Men and women rebel against conformity: A man struggles to cut ties that bind him -a marionette escaping his puppet masters. Another man shaves wool from his shins, no longer a sheep.

It’s fun work, created by a passionate team. So dedicated were they that the acting creative director, Matt Dimmer is featured in one of the ads! He’s the wooly man. The angry puppet is account executive, Ryan Lindholm. Behind the concept were Regan kline and Jason Tisser. The shooter, Chicago up-and-comer Ross Feighery delivered big time images with minimal resources. They all worked Sundays, using their own money.

Back up for a moment. During the creative process many people at the agency did many wonderful campaigns. Our client, the indefatigable editor/founder of New City, Brian Hieggelke had ample choices. I liked several. He picked the most daring. I applaud him.

Speaking of kudos, Lewis Lazare gave the effort a strong review in his media column for the Chicago Sun Times. Adfreak ( quickly posted the work as well.

Chicago Sun Times review

Adfreak post

Everybody wins, right? A local client, facing many challenges, gets an exciting face-lift for his brand. My creative department gets to show their chops. And Euro RSCG gets top-notch work and even some publicity.

No one here is pretending these precious, small clients (of which we have several) are going to generate real revenue for the agency. They can’t and won’t. We typically get paid with barter. Yet, it’s not about that. It’s about doing great work, which pays dividends beyond compare.

Unfortunately, a “pundit/confessor” has called foul on Euro for these efforts, claiming the campaign barely legitimate. Shame to be hated on for doing work that brings so much satisfaction and goodwill to our agency and its clients.


5 Responses to “Small client -big results for New City and Euro RSCG.”

  1. Is there an area where all three of the posters are displayed? I’d like to see ’em.

    I don’t think you guys deserve the attack dogs on this one. If you were making fake ads for clients that never ran anywhere, that’s of course not appropriate. (Though all too common in the industry)

    But it seems to me you’re doing good work for a client that helps cultivate a more creative and inspiring community. Isn’t that exactly what ad agencies should aim to do, now and then?

    At my agency, our campaign for Miami tourism is very much focused on promoting Miami’s growing arts and culture scene, along with the well-known sunshine and sensuality. I’m enjoying the opportunity to build a brand by appealing to culture-seekers.

  2. SRP said

    New City smaller than Miami tourism and, like all papers, in more trouble. I’m sorry ads not all avail online, though I think Sun Times article feature a different one than here.

  3. golublog said

    I think it’s good to take on these small clients. You can do better work for them. These days it’s hard to do daring work. Many clients are too scared. If a client is willing then let it be, I say.

  4. SRP said

    Clients are willing. Are agencies? By doing well with our big clients we can support working on much smaller ones.

  5. Justin said

    That looks like a fun shoot! Great work.

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