An old franchise gets a new face and a profound lift to its brand.

April 3, 2009

The logo just got bigger!

One of the most predictable brands in Chicago did something completely unusual today. Something so out of character as to create mass hysteria. Indeed, Chicago radio and TV are buzzing about the brand’s overnight transformation. Did I say overnight? Scratch that. What I’m talking about happened in the proverbial “one fell swoop.” What was old and tired is now new and different!

A stodgy brand innovated its product electrifying the marketplace. Remember when a fading Apple introduced the Ipod? It’s like that. Remember what Subservient Chicken did to Burger King? It’s bigger and better than that.

For the first time in 25 years (maybe longer…maybe forever!), the Chicago Bears have a quarterback. Say hello to Jay Cutler and bye-bye to Kyle Orton, Rex Grossman and the ghosts of literally dozens of other failed signal callers.

Brand savior? So far so good.

This isn’t a sports blog so I won’t go into the matter further. Besides, every sports writer in America is covering this acquisition. Yet, the seismic turn the Chicago Bears made is noteworthy as a brand story too. Whether the reformulated Bears are New Coke, or a dynasty, we’ll have to wait the summer to find out.


4 Responses to “An old franchise gets a new face and a profound lift to its brand.”

  1. unreal! said

    Let’s add Orlando Pace…nine time Pro-Bowl Brand to protect and we go from unreal afternoon to ignoring Spring baseball in Chicago!!! You go Angelo! Nice…Steffan!

  2. Greg Auer said

    Ah Yes, the Lovie Screen Pass will never look better.

  3. adchick said

    And here in Hooterville, we’re all holding our collective breath and hoping!!!

  4. SRP said

    First let’s endure the Cubs journey to the World Series…

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