“Trust Me” continues to be surreal for Euro RSCG and Leo Burnett.

April 2, 2009

Effen alert! Upper left hand corner.

Talk about product placement. In last night’s episode of “Trust Me” we got to see two of my agency’s clients (er, I mean, RMG’s clients) in extreme close up. First an amazing two-shot of main characters Mason & Connor having it out in front of an Effen vodka poster and then the pasty resistance: Mason angrily throwing a soda at our (their) board for O&I shoes.

O&I makes a splash on Trust Me.

If I had any hard feelings about seeing one of our posters defaced by a thrown cola it was quickly replaced by giddiness. Extreme giddiness. This was an epic post-modern moment. A mash-up of art and reality. My art and my reality.

The show is about a creative partnership at a Chicago advertising agency. In this episode the team fights because one is a creative director and the other isn’t. It’s more complicated than that. Trust me, I know. I lived it.

Trust Me also uses some my current agency’s current and very real clients: Potbelly, Effen and O&I Shoes. This was due to the relationship I have with the show’s creators, John Coveny and Hunt Baldwin, guys I worked with at Leo Burnett. Last summer we conspired to make it happen and did. Fun stuff and a win-win for everyone.

And it all came together, albeit dripping with cola, in last night’s episode!

By the way, Trust Me will be airing it’s final two shows of the season next Tuesday, back to back. I hope like hell it will be renewed for a second season. The series is really getting into its groove. But then I’m partial. Surrealistically so.


8 Responses to ““Trust Me” continues to be surreal for Euro RSCG and Leo Burnett.”

  1. I’ve watched Trust Me from the beginning. To be honest, I got worried that the show was taking a turn for the worse…

    That is until I saw the two most recent episodes. I’m legitimately hooked. The hope is that it resonates just as well with non-advertising geeks so that we can see more of Mason and Connor in the Fall.

  2. SRP said

    I agree the show keeps getting better. They have taken the human drama up a few notches. Now the people are interesting beyond the “insider” appeal.
    Fingers crossed they go another season.
    Are you listening TNT?

  3. Kurt Karlenzig said

    So I need to watch the episodes I recorded. I’ve been hoping it would turn because the inside-ness felt limiting and I really wanted to see it reach an wider audience. (beyond agency types)

  4. former burnetter said

    as a former burnetter who used to work with mr. friese, i was also nervous about the show tanking but it has gotten much better in these past few episodes…
    i wish it was really filmed in Chicago though:(

    and denise is way to sexy to be cheryl bermann… HA!

    BTW, monica potter’s character “sarah krajeck-hunter” I think, should be toned down just a bit,or made edgier-since she is a “creative person”

    she is utterly annoying with her girly outfits and stupid headbands… plus her eyes look bloodshot on a lot of the episodes…ok so maybe this is what they were going for, but she’s too “cutsey and not cutting edge enough”

  5. Mike said

    Why the fuck didn’t you try to convince them to make the show about an ad agency who takes on God as a client?

    It would’ve been metaMETA. Post-POSTmodern. So modern, it wouldn’t even EXIST yet.

    We could’ve seen how your concept is fucked with depending on medium of delivery. Book VS. Dramady. Johannes Guttenburg VS. Steve Guttenberg with David Foster Wallace officiating.

    THAT, I would watch.

    But maybe you were right not to help make that happen. DFW said the only rational endgame to postmodernism is apocalypse, since opening the door to meta only begets more meta of THAT, which begets more meta of THAT, until there is such a cluster of self-awareness that nothing can really exist.

    So. I guess what I’m saying is…thanks for saving the world, Steffan.

    Plus, my friend Puja emailed you my site. Get back to me already. I need work.

    Plus, Todd Grant says hello.

  6. former burnetter said

    umm… this show just got cancelled… or at least that’s the rumor…

    steffan rhymes with effan.

  7. Des said

    The Taubaneckesque story of Mink hiring a young Denise/Cheryl and eventually working for her was wonderful.

    I hope the rumor isn’t true about the show being cancelled. It was just starting to get good.

  8. Love Effen Vodka and the new ad campaign! Wish I got to work on accounts like that when I was in the ad agency world!

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