Fiddy’s fake tweets makes fools out of his fans.

April 1, 2009

“Check my tweets, bro.”

So Rapper 50 Cent or “Fiddy” uses Twitter (no surprise) but did you know his manager, Chris ‘Broadway’ Romero writes his tweets for him? Nothing personal it’s just part of managing his brand. According to an article I read he’s not the only celebrity using Twitter this way. Many others in the public eye do the same thing.

WTF? Don’t people “follow” other people on Twitter to get actual commentary in real time? Isn’t that more or less the whole point of Twitter? How on earth can sound bites from a PR person satisfy this itch?

Moreover, if the reality is staged, are the hundreds of thousands of celebrity-followers still going to follow? I wouldn’t. There’ are already countless stories and spin about guys like 50 Cent. The only thing Twitter offers new and different is unabridged comments at the spur of the moment. Or so I thought. Turning Twitter into a pooper of publicity seems like a shitty deal.

For what it’s worth, I’m using Twitter. I tend to tweet when I’ve written a new post on Gods. Sometimes I intermingle random observations but mostly I use it to drive people to more (I hope) interesting copy on this blog. I use Facebook much the same way. I don’t deny that this isn’t a form of PR, albeit a naïve one. But it’s all me and only me –as scary as that may sound.


One Response to “Fiddy’s fake tweets makes fools out of his fans.”

  1. justin said

    Should you ever want to hire someone to write your tweets, I’ll work on the cheap. Imagine the convenience of having a person designated solely to the transmission of messages such as:

    “Steffan has now been in the bathroom for 25 minutes.”

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