Adchick chirps over The Happy Soul Industry, which puts the author in a giving mood!

March 28, 2009

Such a pretty bird.

I am a happy soul!

I awoke to another favorable review of my novel, The Happy Soul Industry, this one by the sassy advertising blogger Adchick. It’s below for your consideration.

Adchick also posted a review on Amazon, which I greatly appreciate. Despite potentially dubious origins, authors covet Amazon reviews. I’ve collected 23 for Happy Soul. Anyone else who bought my book on Amazon? Comments good, bad or otherwise I’d love to see them.

But it’s her blog entry I am most thankful for. Not only does Adchick give Happy Soul a marvelous grade but she also rebukes a Catholic naysayer on Amazon, who found the novel blasphemous. No matter. God bless both of you!

Gentle Readers, I do not write books to make money. That is what advertising is for! It is readership I crave. Imagining you curled up on the couch reading my books is what drove me to write them. Barring a miracle (can you say film adaptation?), I will lose money on both novels. But I don’t care. Not one bit.

Frankly, Adchick’s review has me in such fine spirits I want to do something special. So here’s what I’ve come up with: If you purchase The Happy Soul Industry and email me the statement I’ll donate the full amount to Fourth Presbyterian Church’s “City Lights.” City Lights sponsors numerous good works throughout the Chicago area, encompassing a wide variety of social causes. Given my novel’s spiritual bent our family church seems like the perfect beneficiary. I hope you agree.

So read Adchick’s review. Get inspired. Order the book. It’ll make us all feel good. If you’ve already read HSI then order my first book, The Last Generation. (It’s darker, but no less fun.) And I’ll submit those proceeds as well.

Adchick\'s review

Above all, I can’t thank you enough for your readership –of this blog, of my books. It means more to me than anything, certainly money.

One Response to “Adchick chirps over The Happy Soul Industry, which puts the author in a giving mood!”

  1. adchick said

    My blogging exercise has given me so much, like the mind-expanding exposure to the views, opinions, and work of others. Your book was a great example. It really was a pleasure…our Mid-America Emmy Director is also excited to read and share. Only good things to you!

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