Powerful new campaign makes agency look “good.”

March 25, 2009

Gripping new campaign for the JPA

While I was away in Dubai my creative partner, Blake Ebel finally got a pet project produced and in the books. “Verbal abuse is still abuse,” reads the headline on these pro bono ads for the Juvenile Protective Association.

Others in the agency (and out) played a role in making the powerful posters: Blake Ebel, Puja Shah (AD), and our lead on print production, Julia Cunningham. I believe our CFO, Angelo Kritikos sits on JPA’s board, where he facilitated the relationship. Special thanks to New City as well. Not only are they a client, the magazine is running all three executions as well. The shooter was Kevin Banna. And finally, we mustn’t forget Scott Giannini, our tireless retoucher who, I’m told, put more time into this project than anyone.

I go deep into the credits not just to be nice (God forbid!) but also to make a point. It’s seldom just creative that gets involved with pro bono work. Other agency personnel and vendors play a significant role. They have to. But the more the merrier. Pro Bono is a win win for all concerned: Good work. Good cause. Good karma.


One Response to “Powerful new campaign makes agency look “good.””

  1. Brian said

    Blake is a great guy. He’s never been in the business just to win awards. So when he wins, it’s especially nice. Congrats!

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