Making news in the Middle East: My interview with BIME.

March 18, 2009


Dateline Middle East…

In between judging the Dubai Lynx I also participated in a number of press interviews, many of which were about digital marketing. The below link is from my discussion with Business Intelligence Middle East.

PR is evermore critical to our agency and its clients. I believe I was one of the few judges to hook up with numerous members of the trade press. Special thanks to Euro RSCG PR gurus, Eric Edge (Chicago) and Kevin Jones (Dubai).

As for the previous post featuring my dogs; forgive me -I was still feeling the effects of my sleeping pill…

BME Article


2 Responses to “Making news in the Middle East: My interview with BIME.”

  1. tyler said

    OK…I somehow stumbled on this blog, and I can’t believe how self indulgent and borderline nuts it is. It’s like a shrine to megalomania. I’m thinking maybe it’s a parody, or one of those viral things.

  2. SRP said

    Nope, this is a real.
    And it is self-indulgent, you’re right.
    I can’t help myself!
    And I bet I see you again as well…

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