Judging the Dubai Lynx. But first a visit to our office.

March 11, 2009

Yours truly, at our Dubai office.

Yours truly, at our Dubai office.

Hello from the Middle East! As many of you now know, I am judging the Dubai International Advertising Festival or Dubai Lynx. In addition, I have been asked to create a blog of my experience for Adfreak (on Adweek). My first post will appear there shortly. Here is a preview:

Dubai is Las Vegas without the sin, at least the kind of sin that gets a man into trouble with his creditors and wife. The other city I am reminded of is Shanghai, because of the dizzying amount of construction and newness of everything…

I’ve spent two days imbedded at our office here, meeting and presenting to the staff of Euro RSCG and many of their clients. I’ve also met with several journalists. Busy, busy, busy and I haven’t even seen an ad yet.

Most of Dubai is comprised of ex pats (English, French and Indian) and so it is with the people at our agency. There is a transient quality about the culture, both in the agency and the emirate. Yet, all are tolerant and open-minded. My colleagues in Dubai are gracious and eager to share.

All they want to talk about is digital…

I intend to post unique commentary here as well, linking the two blogs. Given the arduous work of judging begins tomorrow, I may prove shabby in my efforts. I beg your pardon.

This evening I met my fellow jurors, including Tham Khai Meng, the new Worldwide Creative Director of Ogilvy & Mather. A sharp guy, he has been tasked with improving the creative product across that agency’s vast network –a daunting but necessary job.

If Khai is any indication, the selection committee has put together a formidable jury. I am indeed honored to be a part of it.

Tomorrow I will see more ads than there are stars in the sky. There is a 10-hour difference in time zones between here and Chicago. So, off to bed!


One Response to “Judging the Dubai Lynx. But first a visit to our office.”

  1. David Burn said

    Adfreak? What the hell. Don’t you know that AdPulp is preferred five to one by discerning readers of advertising and marketing blogs?

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