Parker & Postaer: The Odd Couple of Advertising.

March 10, 2009

I must be Felix...

So, I must be Felix...

So, I’m sitting in the glitzy BA lounge in the new terminal at Heathrow waiting to board my flight to Dubai. Actually, I’m waiting for an opening in the spa for a shower. They give you a pager. Bleary eyed, I decide to check Amazon and see how sales of my book, The Happy Soul Industry are doing.

There, much to my surprise, I discover my novel has been paired with none other than George Parker and his “The Ubiquitous Persuaders.” Other than being delighted to see Amazon is adept at cross selling, I’m also thrilled to be riding shotgun with Mr. Parker.

As many of you know, I recently read and reviewed Parker’s book and found it to be a definitive text on advertising –it’s past, present and future. TUP is also a ripping good read, which should surprise few, given the popularity of his blog, Adscam/The Horror! I invite you to read my review:

Book Review

Or, better yet, why not just buy both books with one click on Amazon? The price is right and you will have made a fine contribution to your advertising library: fact & fiction.

LATE BULLETIN: Received email that Parker wrote about our pairing as well. However, I could not get to Adscam as the Dubai government does not allow traffic on profane or pornographic websites!


4 Responses to “Parker & Postaer: The Odd Couple of Advertising.”

  1. Andy Webb said


    Shield your eyes on your return to the land of the free. Adscam, in addition to the profanity, now has a photo of a bikini-ed lass. The horror, the horror.


  2. Sounds like a fun emirate.

  3. Ordered them twinned, they arrived separately, George’s first, his was a great two-hour read. Steffan’s is next. Looking forward to it, then on to Kindle 2 for what I expect to be delivery vehicle for most of my reads of the future, including beloved daily NYT and WSJ.

  4. SRP said

    A progressive response from a progressive man.
    Thank you!

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