The Dubai Lynx. I’m judging an awards show that’s out of this world.

March 8, 2009


This week I will be the sole North American judge for the International Advertising Festival in… wait for it: Dubai! The Dubai Lynx is sort of the Middle East’s version of Cannes. I do not know much else about the festival or, for that matter, the region.

What I do know about Dubai is that it is one of the seven emirates that constitute the United Arab Emirates. Now if only I knew what an “emirate” was. I do know it is not a country. I also know that some of the most expansive and over-the-top architecture and developments can be found there, including a real-sized indoor ski slope and a network of man-made islands and resorts. I know this from odd, sensational snippets on travel TV or from the occasional friend of a friend.

In other words, I am completely ignorant of both the event and the place where it’s being held.

I also have no idea how good or bad the region’s advertising is. My guess is they are behind the west in terms of mass media advertising but on par with our digital capabilities. Why? Because there is no middle class. The poor watch TV. The rich surf the Net. Ergo TV commercials are naïve and Web experiences advanced. Again, I’m just guessing. I have no clue.

With this “clarity,” I intend to place my observations here and, hopefully, on a blog for Adweek, which is being worked out.

Won’t you join me? Dubai awaits!


3 Responses to “The Dubai Lynx. I’m judging an awards show that’s out of this world.”

  1. Hi,

    It’s good to read the feelings of a Dubai Lynx judge before arriving in the UAE. An emirate is like a state of a country, so seven emirates make the country UAE.

    Ad agencies from Dubai have been doing pretty well and the most interesting bit is that most international network agencies have a mix of multiple nationalities – imagine creatives from around the world all in one agency.

    There have also been judges from the region in international award shows. And as an ad blogger from the UAE, I can tell you that creatives from around the world are very eager to work in Dubai and the UAE.

    Perhpas we’ll meet face to face when you’re at the Lynx. Have a great trip and enjoy the dates!


  2. SRP said

    Thank you, Farrukh-
    I hope I can meet you at the Lynx!

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