Gratitude & even fear: How a note to the troops captures a moment in time.

February 27, 2009

"And then when I was nine..."

I sent a version of the text below to my creative department last week, also copying certain account groups. It was due to a bit of discord between ranks, nothing serious. But given the recession, I wanted to make sure we were all on the same page.

Having received plenty of such notes myself over the years, I’ve discovered them to be more than just memos; rather they are like artifacts, illuminating and capturing a moment in time. Read the below portion from my correspondence and see if you agree:

Unlike most agencies (and companies), we happen to be busy and growing. Layoffs, doom and gloom are not a part of our current forecast. This is a major blessing and we are grateful.

However, the reality is that all this could change. The best defense against that happening is to remain useful…

…When you’re given a brief, any brief, regardless of account, I want you to jump on it with vigor and enthusiasm. Look at extra work as a precious life preserver, even if it is outside your sweet spot or job description. I literally have a hundred saved emails from the recently unemployed who would jump at such opportunities.

It’s scary out there. Let’s all work together so we can stay together.

For obvious reasons, I left out portions proprietary to our company and clients. What I’m interested and passionate about is maintaining balance between gratitude and what I like to call a “healthy fear.” In my opinion, these qualities are as important to a company (and its people) as natural ability. What do you think?


4 Responses to “Gratitude & even fear: How a note to the troops captures a moment in time.”

  1. Mike said

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  2. Andy Webb said


    Wise words that should be taken to heart even in the best of times.

    Things can turn on a dime.

    It’s easy to forget that advertising isn’t an entitlement (unless President Obama has a new plan I’m not aware of); it’s a service business — helping clients who (bless them) pay us and who can easily move their business elsewhere. That’s really the root concept driving any work we do.

  3. adchick said

    Things can turn on a dime indeed, so service, relationships, and ideas have never been so important. We’re sort of clinging to each other right now, client and agency, holding our breath, still spending, forging ahead, and doing business. Our little clients know how much we care about them, but all the love means nothing if I can’t their cash register to ring. Your comments remind me to maybe love them a little bit more.

  4. To me, it’s incredibly satisfying to get unglamorous projects and help them turn out way better than anyone expected.

    I’ve also worked with people who turn up their noses at those kind of projects, and not surprisingly, they weren’t very good at the cherry projects either.

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