The Happy Soul Industry is being reviewed from on high.

February 18, 2009

The author praying for book sales!

The author praying for book sales!

The publisher of my second novel, The Happy Soul Industry brought several reviews to my attention, emanating from the spiritual community. (I’m attaching a couple for your consideration.) Though they are not universally praiseful, I’m thrilled. I’m also kicking myself.

When the book launched this fall, we focused most of our attention on the advertising community, neglecting a far bigger community of potential readers: religious and spiritual. After all, the book is about God. And God has more followers than, well, anyone. Thank God, then, Inkwater Press had the good sense to pitch the novel in that direction.

Not that the attention from ad land hasn’t been awesome; it has. Ellie Parpis from Adweek reviewed it. Adrants. Adpulp. The American Copywriter. Before it’s all over I may even get my ass kicked by none other than George Parker from Adscam. But there are only so many ad persons in the world and, due to the failing economy, less and less of them every day.

Finding readers elsewhere is a Godsend.

Besides, the spiritual reviews are fascinating –mostly because they come from people so unlike my peers, at least on the surface. The two critics here gave my story kudos but got stuck on the profanity and sex in the novel.

“I think that this could have been a great book had the author not felt the need to include the f-word on several occasions,” said Patrice Fagnant-MacArthur of

The full review

Bob Zykowski of was snider: “The author mines his knowledge of the ad biz to create an interesting story with characters that readers will care about. That is, if readers can get past the soft-porn.”

The full review

Um… as I said, I’m thrilled by these reviews. That professional, God fearing people found Happy Soul to be an “engaging” book filled with “good ideas” is a blessing.

In the novel’s defense, how in the *%&$ do you tell a story about advertising without dropping any f-bombs?

At the same time, the polite condemnation of the book’s naughty bits is not only understandable but also, frankly, charming. I’m not being patronizing when I say I’m delighted people still take exception to, shall we say, racy content. Somehow, it’s reaffirming. It makes me smile.

Am I slightly irked by the negativity in these reviews? According to Bob and Pat, I’ve written a spiritual and highly engaging story sullied by sex and off-color language. Sounds damn entertaining to me! Now, come on folks, the book is only 9 bucks on Amazon. Tell them God sent you and you’ll receive free shipping!

The Happy Soul Industry on Amazon


7 Responses to “The Happy Soul Industry is being reviewed from on high.”

  1. Malcom Z said

    If I order your book will you give me a job?

  2. SRP said

    If you order my book I will give you a job.
    Your job is to read the book.
    Sorry, MZ, but you put the ball on the rim!

  3. Hi, your book isn’t soft porn. Didn’t get me exited at ALL (not in that sense anyhow). But by the time you read this you should have a link showing up on your dashboard for a review. In Dutch AND English. How about that. Not a totally positive review, but certainly not all bad either 🙂

  4. SRP said

    We are very interested in your review.
    Please provide it…and thank you for your readership!

  5. Jason Fox said

    This post reminded me that I was only five months tardy in my review. (I bought it in October and read it within 24 hours of Amazon’s delivery.) Said review is now posted at The AdHole. Honest to a fault, as always.

  6. SRP said

    Here’s Jason’s complete review, which is pretty thorough:
    …only 9 bucks on Amazon

  7. Stefan…
    Stand by for a severe arse kicking… But probably not, as I am two thirds through the book and really enjoying it so far… But who knows, you could fuck up by the end… Then again, you could send me a big fat check. I am, after all, a shameless AdHo.

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