The other beer account in Chicago has a lot to be proud of.

February 6, 2009

coronaCorona by the light of the moon.

Given the grim climate in Chicago (the weather, the economy, the government), I’m thinking it might be high time we celebrate the unheralded but quality work coming out of our city’s many agencies.

We hear a lot about what’s wrong with the people, places and things as it relates to the Chicago advertising community. I want to go another way. Hold to the good, as our pastor likes to say.

In this spirit, every day this week, I’m going to feature a campaign from a local shop that deserves praise… not punishment.

Cramer Krasselt has a lot to be proud of. Fiercely independent, they’ve been showing we holding company heifers how to do good advertising for years. Though not a new commercial, I’d like to single out a spot that does what few commercials ever do: it doesn’t get old.

I’m talking about the Christmas commercial for Corona Beer. You know the one. In it, a palm tree is lit up like a Christmas tree. Super over picture: Feliz Navidad. Nothing much else happens in the commercial. Which is precisely it’s charm. I think it’s a holiday classic, maybe even iconic.

When it comes to beer advertising in Chicago, our attention understandably goes to DDB and their popular, sometimes famous work for Budweiser and Bud Light.

Yet, CK has been delivering exceptional campaigns for this stalwart Mexican import for years. The advertising is consistently good, understated and charming. Qualities we don’t often associate with beer advertising. They deserve a little credit. Cheers to them and to this lovely campaign.


4 Responses to “The other beer account in Chicago has a lot to be proud of.”

  1. David Burn said

    Chicagoans know a lot about beer, I’ll say that.

  2. SRP said

    We learned the beer business from Al Capone.

  3. Vijay said

    Hat’s off to C-K for staying the course (at least 8 years?) with this brand. A beer commercial with no sophomoric humor and copy? Refreshing.

  4. Greg said

    the C-K group has some pretty amazing talent on this account. they continue to put out great work year after year.

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