It took a Chicago agency that’s weathered a few storms to repair the reputation of a client that’s had its share as well.

February 3, 2009

images1The “Dow” looking up.

Given the grim climate in Chicago (the weather, the economy, the government), it’s high time we celebrate the unheralded, quality work coming out of our city’s many agencies. We hear a lot about what’s wrong with the people, places and things in the Chicago advertising community. I want to go another way. Hold to the good, as our pastor likes to say.

In this spirit, for the next few days, I’m going to feature campaigns from local shops that deserve praise… not punishment. They may not be famous or ground breaking. But they are good. Join me as we give a warming hug to the City of Big Shoulders!

Everyone likes to dump on Draft FCB. For whatever reasons, this hefty Chicago-based agency takes more than its fair share of abuse. Frankly, hating on them is getting old.

Especially when considering their stunning campaign for Dow. Simple and beautiful, the “Human Element” is a breathtaking body of work. It literally puts humanity into a company that’s been ostracized more than any other on earth –including Draft FCB!

Remember when Dow “Chemical” was considered a corporate monster and vile polluter? Neither do I. For that, I think a lot of credit should go to Draft FCB.

Odd fact: My mother, Christine Montet worked for FCB as an art buyer just before it merged with Draft. They fired her. So if I can get over hating on this agency, Lord knows anyone else can too!

images-2The “Human Element” adds just that.


5 Responses to “It took a Chicago agency that’s weathered a few storms to repair the reputation of a client that’s had its share as well.”

  1. It is a nice campaign. Almost makes me forget that whole napalm thing.

  2. SRP said

    Exactly right, Jim.
    it almost makes us forget that stuff, which I’m guessing was its job.

  3. Malcom Z said

    I think this campaign is gorgeous. Who is the art director?

  4. Looks better than it sounds. said

    I believe the AD is Kurt Friese (cheers!) and John Claxton wrote the… and get this…
    ‘Anthemic Verse’!!!

    Hmmm…one trick pony?

  5. I’ve also really liked this campaign for awhile. Though i think i’ve only seen the t.v. spots.

    Wonderful writing and art.

    Reminds me of the excellent Chevron campaign by McGarry Bowen.

    Damn, that’s some good copy.

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