Blogs are like fishing. You never know what you’ll catch.

January 14, 2009


Not to sound like Forrest Gump, but the above paraphrase of his famous “box of chocolates” line makes a good segue. But while the chocolate box contains finite possibilities, the lines from a blog are cast into the largest pool on Earth.

The piece I wrote yesterday about my brother is a perfect example. I’d written about Daniel’s exploits with Olympian, Michael Phelps in China. Among the usual readers of Gods that day (friends, family, co-workers, etc) was also a VIP in Daniel’s life –boss, business partner, client; I’m not sure.

Regardless, the man read the piece and was moved by it enough to write Daniel a note of congratulations, a vote of confidence.

You’re thinking: Nice but no big deal. Think some more. Perhaps, upon this exchange, the relationship between these two men improved or went up a notch. Maybe it cemented a deal in progress. What if the other man decides, now, to retain Daniel for a project he first deemed to lofty? Who knows how these things work? What I do know is that this connection only hints at the awesome power social networks have in moving people. And we are only scratching the surface…

While I’m happy to have done a solid for my little brother, I am also thrilled GOA was capable of attracting such a desirable fish! Bottom feeders certainly exist in the blogosphere, but so do the most important people in the world.


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