The Happy Soul Industry made Gawker and I’m not feeling too bad myself.

January 10, 2009


Well, folks, I can die now and go to Heaven. The Happy Soul Industry is on Gawker! You know what that means? I’m officially a C-lister. Paris ain’t got nothing on me. Yes, the vitriolic site is skewering the book and its author. But like the man said, “All ink is good ink.”

Everyone is talking about Crispin Porter & Bogusky and their notorious “fame” strategy. They said it: ‘We ask ourselves if an idea is press worthy before we go with it.’ And one of the best ways to get press is to push people’s buttons.

I’m not sure why a kind fable like Happy Soul deserves to be put in Gawker’s WTF bucket but there it is, swimming along side various other waanabe guppies and stars in trouble.

Check it. Read the comments. They’re mean. They’re bored. They are hilarious. One guy found the lamest sentence in the book and excerpted it, following with one word: “vomit.”

And he’s right, that particular sliver of prose blows. Fortunately there are 30,000 other sentences, less puke-inducing. If 5% of these haters actually read the book I’m vomiting all the way to the bank.

God bless Gawker.

6 Responses to “The Happy Soul Industry made Gawker and I’m not feeling too bad myself.”

  1. Malcom Z said

    Go with it. You’ve got a nice book. Let the tide come in…

  2. Van Gould said

    Here is a novel that is pushing people’s buttons before they read a word of it; how will they stop themselves from checking it out?

  3. SRP said

    I was and am delighted with the coverage.
    The point is to get the book read.
    I can’t make that happen just by writing it.
    without a mainstream publishing deal, I do not get out on the “tables.”
    Snipes from Gawker and the like are good exposure, however slanted.
    I’d also like to salute Adrants for posting yesterday.
    Friday was a good day.

  4. World B. Furr said

    I’ll be the Angus to Malcom’s comment.

  5. Andy Webb said

    Hmm, seems the Gawker geniuses’ brain cells just started firing without actually understanding what they were commenting on. An uniformed opinion is no opinion at all. And you’re right, all publicity is good publicity.

    I recall a folk singer from way back when who, when the critics unloaded on him, flipped their comments 180 degrees with his own headline that read “The critics raved!”

  6. SRP said

    I love “The critics raved.”
    Like “Funny as Hell.”
    Thanks, Steffan

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