Creative awards are good for something. Mine are now props in a new TV show about advertising!

December 17, 2008


Monday, January 26th, TNT is premiering a new TV show created by one of my best friends, John Coveny. It’s called “Trust Me.” Yes, it’s a drama about an ad agency. But don’t jump to conclusions. Mad Men it isn’t. First of all, this story takes place in the modern era. That means no smoking. And the misogyny had to be hidden a lot more. For more on the show click the attached link or read my post from April 2nd.


“Trust Me” depicts creative director (Eric McCormack) and his work partner (Tom Cavanagh) battling suits, dealing with significant others, chasing awards and otherwise trying to keep it real while getting ahead in Advertising. I’ve seen the rough cut. It’s pretty damn good.

The show’s creators, John Coveny and Hunt Baldwin both worked with me at Leo Burnett in Chicago. That experience served as impetus for “Trust Me” and references to both city and agency are evident.

And if you pay attention you’ll also find evidence of me! During production I was asked to contribute boxes of advertising awards and other agency paraphernalia. Look closely at the screen grabs pulled from TNT’s website. On the female employee’s desk is a Clio award. Mine.

Even more intriguing we were able to get some of my agency’s clients onto the show. A big deal, more will be made of it later –trust me. But take a look over Eric McCormack’s right shoulder in the two-shot. Those are comps of actual print executions for Effen Vodka. Elsewhere in the fictional agency are Effen posters as well as material from two other clients, Potbelly and O&I Shoes. I’m told the actors even speak about Effen in a scene. Fun stuff, eh? I know I’m pumped.

John Coveny provided a quote on the jacket of my latest novel, The Happy Soul Industry. He said he couldn’t wait to write the screenplay. Based on his success, neither can I!

Ironically, with all the drama surrounding Chicago’s beleaguered advertising community, I wonder if fiction can be stranger than the truth? Not too much longer until we find out.



4 Responses to “Creative awards are good for something. Mine are now props in a new TV show about advertising!”

  1. Sarah said

    I saw a preview for this somewhere and I was already excited, but now especially! Keep us posted about the little extras that might otherwise go unnoticed, very cool!

  2. Van Gould said

    I was just watching some of the clips on IMDb, and it looks like this show is going to be very addicting. Do you know if they are shooting it in Chicago and if so where?

  3. I’m looking forward to it. And I hope it’s a hit. My brother’s an attorney and I’m sick of his career getting all the good shows!

  4. arthur said

    The setting is awesome! mazaltov.

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