Tonight I get to read everyone in Adland a bedtime story.

December 4, 2008


This evening I have the honor of reading from my new novel, The Happy Soul Industry at an author party at Earhole studios in Chicago. Producers Lori Cook & Tom Wiebe are hosting the event.

This from Lori: “Our first author night, we are inviting about 150-200 people based primarily on author invitation lists. No cost to attend, but it is an advertising event – not open to the public. We have held an Earhole Art Party in April for the past 3 years and it has been a huge success in showing the hidden talents of people in the advertising community – we hope that this event will do the same thing for writers!”

Me too, Lori! I also hope I don’t embarrass myself. Reading from one’s own novel can’t help but seem a tad pretentious -like the word “tad.”  The only time I’ve read aloud before was to my children. Hopefully, a smattering of buzzed and distracted ad people will treat me no worse! Fortunately, I have company. This is the line-up and order for tonight’s readings:

Scott Balows (freelance) — Tales From Tanzania. 

Michael Stout (DraftFCB) — One Weekend. 

Steffan Postaer (Euro RSCG) —The Happy Soul Industry 

Scott Smith (Element 79) — Like Dizzy Gillespie’s Cheeks. 

If any of you, who have enjoyed this blog or my books, would like to come see us, we’d like to see you. I, myself, would be honored beyond words. Speaking of words, I better choose what I’m going to read.

Earhole is at 11 West Illinois St., 2nd floor. The doors open at 5:30 until 10:00. (Invitation is attached below.) If you cannot attend, please visit book’s website at or go directly to Amazon. Again, thank you for your readership and support!



2 Responses to “Tonight I get to read everyone in Adland a bedtime story.”

  1. Brooke Kenney said


    Several months ago, a friend gave me an interesting flyer. I automatically put it into my briefcase and promised myself that I would look at it ASAP. Well, ASAP took four months! I finally read the flyer for The Happy Soul Industry and had to chuckle. In July, I had just completed a logo, tagline and ad campaign for God, to help Him/Her promote His/Her values/benefits here on earth. I ended up putting a lot of those designs in a shop at CafePress. Thought you might be interested in what I had done. If so, write back and I’ll forward the URL to the shop back to you. P.S. I plan on reading the book ASAP 🙂

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