My last post was like eating Pixie Sticks before the turkey. Time to nourish my soul with gratitude.

November 26, 2008

So, I’m sitting in the Admirals Club with my family waiting for our flight to Kansas City. While my girls gorge on the spicy snack mix, I decide to check up on the blog. My eldest daughter takes a peek over my shoulder: “Daddy,” She screams, “Why do you have a picture of somebody’s butt on your blog?”

Why indeed? I’ve been feeling not very clean since I posted about the sex tape uncovered at a New York advertising agency. While I tried to make a case for it being newsworthy on account of all the ramifications it has on our industry: social networking, content creation and dissemination, human resources, etc… I still feel sleazy.

When your ten-year old daughter asks about naked pictures on your computer, it’s time for a redirect. So…

Let me now share a bit of Thanksgiving gratitude about the best job in the world. No matter how tawdry and desperate things can get in Ad Land there is simply no other vocation I would prefer. For over 20 years advertising has been my life. It has put food on my table and given me a purpose driven life. I get paid to come up with ideas for an ever-changing assortment of clients. I get paid to THINK. Imagine that? When I was a boy I knew my mind was cluttered with amazing things. I had confidence in my God-given smarts. And for most of my adult life, so have a lot of other people. What a blessing! We should all be so lucky. Chances are many of you are.

These are troubling times. Some might argue we should be thankful for having jobs at all. Fair enough. But tough times are part of life. When you are sitting at the dinner this holiday, listen to your kin. Ask them how their jobs are going. Listen to their gripes.

If you’re family is anything like mine, most everyone is interested in Ad Land more than their own. It’s a cool job we have. Let us count our blessings. The Gods of Advertising are, indeed, wonderful. Rejoice!


2 Responses to “My last post was like eating Pixie Sticks before the turkey. Time to nourish my soul with gratitude.”

  1. Jason Fox said

    What are you doing in KC? That’s my home turf (Dallas is but a detour in our lives — I think). If it’s not just a stop-over en route to another town, do yourself a favor and hit Oklahoma Joe’s for the world’s best pulled pork barbecue. I miss it so. Fortunately, my parents will be arriving in about 4 hours with a few bottles of their sauce in tow. Did I mention they’re located in gas station? As it should be.

    Happy Thanksgiving!


  2. SRP said

    Wife’s family lives in KC, Jason.
    Thanks for the tip on BBQ -maybe one day.
    Happy Holidays all!

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