Buns up & heads roll! Voyeuristic video causes scandal at New York advertising agency.

November 25, 2008

doghumpersruleCreatives doing spread layout.

The loveable guttersnipes at Agency Spy have come up with a doozey to kick off the holiday season. They’ve discovered a cell phone video of two NY agency creatives copulating in a cube during office hours. Not prone to subtly, Spy titles the salacious post, “Deep Desk Dickin’ 3: Sex In An Advertising Office! “ Nice. Talk about basting the turkey. Also, they’ve included a deliciously grainy photo of Creative #1 buns up on Creative #2. In case you didn’t notice, see above.

As I write this, there are 51 comments attached to the post, including, apparently, the sad confession of the alleged filmmaker who claims to have been fired by the alleged agency for disseminating said video. He was caught, if I’ve read the comments accurately, by way of his reflection showing up on the video!

You can’t make this stuff up.

While the string suggests the agency in question, as of yet no one is giving up names, let alone the video. Folks, I have to admit, I would absolutely watch this video, if directed to it. Who wouldn’t? It’s a perfect storm of titillation, real-life drama, and ad agency gossip.

Yet, there’s more going on here than voyeurism. Call it hyper-voyeurism. Because, if not for the Internet, this tawdry tale would have bloomed locally, created a brief stink, and then died. Countless worker bees have made honey in their cubes before. But we are now in the age of cell-phone cameras and You Tube.

In many respects this is more the story than the two having sex. The second life is more fertile. And dangerous. What prompted the third party to film it? Of course he lost his job. What was he thinking? Why did he not just turn tail and run? That’s what anyone else would have done, right?

Wrong. The age we live in is rapidly creating new breeds of citizenry. We’ve all heard the blather about everyone being their own brand and how each one of us is now a driver of content. You Tube and the blogosphere have opened up countless “rear windows” and we are peering through them, shamelessly. We are also shooting and filming and writing. And now some of us have become paparazzi. Even I, by writing this, am strengthening the story’s radioactivity on the Internet. It’s your turn now. YOU will now go find the story on Agency Spy. YOU will search for the video. YOU have become part of the story.

Update –The video can be seen at Gawker.com. It’s boring. More fun is watching the voyeur dash from the scene. More fun still is all that has transpired since…



6 Responses to “Buns up & heads roll! Voyeuristic video causes scandal at New York advertising agency.”

  1. Inkieta said

    Ooohhh, the creative process!

  2. SRP said

    Gentle Readers-
    I realize the content of my post is of questionable taste. As I told a “friend” on Facebook, what’s more interesting is the “ins and outs” taking place after the illicit activity. The blog discussions. The repercussions. It really is a brave (albeit sleazy) new world. With this one report we see how much our world has changed. We are capable of creating explosive content and have the delivery systems which make it deadly. This transcends marketing. 15 minutes of fame really is possible…and deadly!

  3. Malcom Z said

    You’re right and wrong. Yes, it’s a brave and often ugly world. The
    good guys and bad guys are mixed up. Why does the cameraman get fired
    but not the screwing couple? And what about you? Are you part of the
    problem? Is talking about this “activity” more or less sleazy than
    engaging in it? I suppose all these questions help make your point but
    still, is it right for you (or us) to be making it in the first place?
    -Malcom Z

  4. Hmmm…
    I’m afraid Malcom has me over a barrel of slippery snakes. I know I’m drawn to the sleaze. I admit it. But I’m also gonzo about the other “stuff.” The voyeur at BBDO (I think that’s the agency of “record”) revealed a lot more than just two creatives concepting. Yes, it became viral because it was naughty but imagine the possibilities now open to us with a camera and a mouse. I can’t stop thinking about it.

  5. I think it’s ridiculous that the cameraman got fired. After all, isn’t his taking, and posting the video basic freedom of speech? There’s certainly no defamation here… the “guilty parties” are clearly guilty. He obviously hasn’t named the agency, or the participants. Not that I’d ever recommend a lawsuit against an ad agency (I DO want to work for another 20 years) but this is, without question, an absolutely winnable wrongful termination case.

  6. Andy Webb said

    I wonder if the creatives will become procreative. Time will tell.

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